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I invite you to discover the beauty of Madagascar with Soul of Madagascar

tours during the 21 days of your stay. Your adventure begins upon your arrival

at Ivato Airport in Antananarivo and ends to the transfer to the airport for the

flight back. Through those time till present time we offer these flowing services:

Itineraries, including hotel reservations, transport, tour local guides, Camping,

hiking, trekking, biking and any other requirements that necessary. We always

work and thinking about you and your needs, above all is your expectations.

We know that every single detail is important, and that is the reason why we do our best effort.

Day 2: ANTSIRABE – MORONDAVA After breakfast we are going to do a city tour of Antsirabe by visiting the zebu’shornfactory and miniature which make this city super popular and then we will do a rick Shawriding along the avenue. Antsirabe is the third biggest city of Madagascar. After Antananarivo the capital then Toamasina where the main seaport is located they call Toamasina as the door of Madagascar because of the international seaport in it. It is found further in eastern coast of the island. Done with the city tour we will continuefurther to southwest on the road national 34 which links Antsirabe to Morondava. Onthe way we will have several stops for getting a nice pictures of the amazing landscape with mountain and zebus, gold mining as well as villager people around.

Day 3: MORONDAVA – KIRINDY After breakfast we will drive to the Kirindy forest by passing through the avenue,sacred baobabs till kirindy forest to see the famous fosa and other fauna and florathis night we do a night walk to see the nocturnal mouse lemurs, sleeping birds and many more.


After our breakfast we will continue to bekopaka by crossing the 2 rivers Tsiribihina and Manambolo rivers by ferries with more amazing landscape.

Day 5: LITTLE TSINGY After breakfast we will take our 4X4 then driver down to the Manambolo river and take canoe then relaxing on gorgeous river and green forest with lemurs and crocodile sometime also birds. After river then we will do a small hiking to the forest and once we are out of the forest we will head to a godly super amazing panoramic view point to admire the river and the forest. Later we will walk in between the limestone rock which is the Tsingy, we will have a local guide who is my collaborator who is really expert in telling story of this Tsingy de Bemaraha as well as the Manambolo river so he will entertain us. After our yummy picnic lunch in the nature with the lemurs and birds we will move to visit the small Tsingy which will take us about 01 hour visit. Once done with it we will head back to the hotel and relax to the pool with fresh drinks.

Day 6: BIG TSINGY Today after breakfast we will head to discover the great Tsingy which is really amazing limestone rock formation with our funny expert local Guide. This maybe will take us about 4 hours depending on how fit we are, so we will have a picnic lunch in the natureagain with some mongoose around and as we walk later we will walk in the forest here we will see some lemurs, like the sifaka, brown lemur and night sportive lemur. Once we done with this we will head back to the hotel and relax in the pool again.

Day 7: BEKOPAKA –MORONDAVA Today will be long day drive back to Morondava and Avenue of Baobab sunset photographing will take a place when arrive to avenue of Baobab but before that we will have to visit the baobab lovers then drive back to the hotel in Morondava.

Day 8: MORONDAVA- MANJA After breakfast in the hotel we will drive to Manaja by passing through such nice landscape with different species of Baobabs and mangroves and la saline an area where people are producing salt.

Day 9: MANJA- IFATY Early after breakfast we will drive to directly to Ifaty on the way you will see another amazing landscape again by driving through the beauty of the southwest coast paradise beaches with driving just near the sea sometimes.

Day 10: IFATY –RANOHIRA After our relaxing breakfast we will head to Ranohira by passing through the city of Toliara and the beautiful RN7 till Ranohira.

Day 11: ISALO After your yummy breakfast we will start driving to go to the national park of ISALO where you are going to enjoy the unforgettable beauty of this famous national park. Here you will experience the famous natural swimming pools which and where you will have lunch with lemurs in the nature.

Day 12: RANOHIRA- RANOMAFANA Breakfast at the hotel. Morning drive to Ranomafana. Optional quick stop at Ambositra, Madagascar’s handicrafts capital. Late afternoon arrival in Ranomafana. Opening night walk in the park with your English-speaking naturalist guide in search of endemic chameleons, frogs, insects, and mouse lemurs and luckily dwarf lemurs.

Day 13: RANOMAFANA- AMBOSITRA Breakfast at the hotel. Morning visit of Ranomafana National Park teeming with endemics, such as the critically endangered greater bamboo lemur, and other species namely Golden Bamboo lemur, Milne Edward’s sifaka and endemic chameleons, frogs, birds and plant species…Then continue till Ambositra.

Day 14: July Ambositra- ANTANANARIVO After our breakfast in Ambositra we will drive to Antananarivo on word to the airport

DAY 15 : ANTANANARIVO City of Antananarivo by visiting the a Queen’s palace; Ambohimanga rova and Tsimbazaza geologic park.

Day 16: ANTANANARIVO - NOSY BE After your later breakfast we will head to the airport for your national flight.

DAY 17: NOSY-BE On day 17 we will enjoy a day of free time to either relax by the beach or to continue to explore the island of Nosy Be. Our hotel offers a lot of activities such as visiting the nearby islands, kayaking, snorkeling etc.

DAY 18 : NOSY-BE On day 18 we will spend the morning exploring Iranja Island. Iranja Island has one of the best beaches in the world and all of the guests that visit this island fall in love with it. In the afternoon we will head back to Nosy be and enjoy some more free time on the island or we can take a moment to explore Mont Passort and Crater Lake.

Day 19: Reserve lokobe Departure from your hotel directlyyou crossing the large city of Nosy be to go directly to a fishing village called (Ambatozavavy). During the trip 25 minutes. From the village with Pirogue for transportation and cross in the middle of Magrove forests, direction the natural Lokobe Reserve. During the trip 30 minutes. On arriving at the reserve we do a little 20-minute pause. After that we go to visit the reserve. Visit for 3 hours. After that we go to visit the reserve. Visit for 3 hours.

DAY 20 : NOSY BE-ANTANANARIVO On day 20 after breakfast we will drive to the airport in Nosy Be and board our one hour flight in Antananarivo. Upon arrival we will check into our hotel, once we are settled in we will continue the day with a visit to the upper city, the Manjakamiadana palace and Andafiavaratra museum, which are historical places of Madagascar.



➢ MEALS : Dailybreakfast

➢ TRANSPORT: Car 4X4 with driver and fuel during the entiretrip



➢ ACOMMODATION : Hotel With breakfast during the entiretrip

➢ GUIDE : English speaking tour guide for the entiretrip

➢ PARKS : entrance fees and localguide

➢ SOLO: one room

➢ FAMILY: one double room

➢ SOLO SAME SEX: one room


➢ Insurance

➢ Fligths

➢ Additionalexpenses

➢ Dinner

➢ lunch


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