SouthEast of Madagascar

Язык English
Стоимость 1100 EUR за экскурсию
Количество участников 1 человек
Длительность 1 неделя 2 дня

Highlights I invite you to discover the beauty of Madagascar with Soul of Madagascar

tours during the 9 days of your stay. Your adventure begins upon your arrival at

Ivato Airport in Antananarivo and ends to the transfer to the airport for the

flight back. Through those time till present time we offer these flowing services:

Itineraries, including hotel reservations, transport, tour local guides, Camping,

hiking, trekking, biking and any other requirements that necessary. We always

work and thinking about you and your needs, above all is your expectations.

We know that every single detail is important, and that is the reason why we do

our best effort to care for all those from the very smallest to biggest which will

make the difference so that you will have your lifetime trip with us.

Day 1 Pick up From the airport to your hotel

Day 2 Antananarivo – Andasibe After earlier break fast we will drive to ANDASIBE where we are going to the most largest leumurs of Madagascar and so many other species of lemurs.

Day 3 Visit of the Analamazaotra Perinet Park in the afternoon we will visit the resever of Vakona to play the lemurs and to see crocodiles, geckos and birds. And have visit vof the schools to the village near by. Over night at the

Day 4 Andasibe – Antsirabe AfterHaving breakfast start driving to the south. We stop at Ambatolampy to discover how to make the local aluminum cooking-pot. Continuing towards Antsirabe.Over night at

Day 5 Antsirabe – Morondava Starting early morning We will do a city tour with RICK SOW RIDING to discover the city and visit the factory of the horn of zebu, miniature and half precious stone then go to Morondava.Over night at

Day 6 Morondava – Kirindy We are heading north and drive on an uncomfortable baobab avenue. Over night at the.

Day 7 RESERVE KIRINDY Visit of the Kirindy reserve with famous fosa and many other species of lemurs and birds In the afternoon visit of the local people life style. Over night at the

Day 8 20 Kirindy - Morondava It is a sanctuary of nature as a world heritage by

UNESCO the Baobab avenue discovery and stay there for sunset.

Day 9 Morondava – Tana After earlier breakfast we will head back to Antanarivo on the way we can visit the schools and enjoying the half desertic landscape.

What included:

MEALS : Dailybreakfast

➢ TRANSPORT: Car 4X4 with driver and fuel during the entiretrip



➢ ACOMMODATION : Hotel With breakfast during the entiretrip

➢ GUIDE : English speaking tour guide for the entiretrip

➢ PARKS : entrance fees and localguide

What excluded:

➢ Insurance

➢ Fligths

➢ Additionalexpenses

➢ Dinner

➢ Lunch



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