Historical tour

Язык Английский
Стоимость 190 USD за экскурсию
Количество участников Группа до 10 человек
Длительность 8 часов

Our tour will start from Ethnographic museum which was founded by one person and it is first private museum ever. There you will acquainted day life and lifestyle local people, what are they doing and how they are dressed. What is most important for rich and for pour families. How are there traditions and so.

Then we will continuo our day and next location is confluence adjarian and Turkish rivers. And if you have a lucky day day, you will see difference between them. And beautiful pictures we will take deep in the nature of course. Our day is impossible without “Love waterfall”. 

Next location is Makhuntseti Waterfal and Arched Stone Bridge of Queen Tamar. Typically, that bridges were builted only in Adjara, because of it is near to the Turkish Republic and it was necessary for moving abroad. An important, it was built from 12th century by command of Queen tamara and on this bridges was used of course for Silk Way.

On the way, you have a chance to see and take pictures with locals and see how do they live. Talk with them, take picture and enjoy too.

We have another waterfall – The Mirveti Waterfall. Deep in the nature it is fantastic to visit and take picture such as beautiful place as Mirveti. Just deep in the nature you have a lot of amazing moments and make it for memorable days.

Then we will visit family, where we have at the same time lunch and Folklore show. It is impossible Feasts without musics In Georgia. Every family tries to entertain their visitors by story tellings, dancing and singing too. Of course, main is Wine.  winery traditions takes place before 8 000 years ago and still continuos till today.

At the end of day, we have took many pictures and lots, lots of emotions.

We are so hape to be with you during a day. Reason of your smile is – HAPPINESS.

And, we are going back to Batumi.


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