Friguia park

Язык Английский, French, Russian
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If you come on holiday to Tunisia with a child, you should visit the Friguia Park

Friguia Park was opened in 2000 and works in collaboration with the Paris Zoo.

Visitors to the park can observe animals in conditions close to natural ones and communicate with some of them.

In Friguia Park they have:

- enclosures with animals;

- a dolphinarium;

- a pool with seals;

- a tent restaurant, here you can watch Zulus shows in the evening;

- tents with drinks and food - located along the entire route through the park;

- shops with souvenirs;

-playground for children.

The park covers an area of 360,000 m ², about 400 animals of 62 species live here.

You may like it:

Special bridges are made in enclosures with predators so you can watch animals quite close. Some animals can be fed (for an additional fee).


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