Ancient Corinth Full Day Private Tour

Язык Английский, Greek (modern)
Стоимость 350 EUR за экскурсию
Количество участников Группа до 5 человек
Длительность 8 часов

Discover the archaeological location of Corinth and visit the town of Loutraki.

In this full day tour you will see the most beautiful sights and scenery. On our way I will give you a lot of information about history, mythology and culture.

We will enjoy a visit to the Corinth Canal, the Ancient Corinth, the Heraion of Perachora and the beautiful town of Loutraki for a meal.

I can adjust the schedule, duration and activities to meet your needs. Please let me know of any special requests you have.


Starting from Athens, we will drive westwards, along with the beautiful scenic coastal until we finally reach the Corinth Canal, where we'll have a short stop.

In just about 15 minutes, we will reach the town of Ancient Corinth. During the ancient times, the town of Corinth was considered as one of the richest cities in Greece due to the remains of the Apollo Temple and Ancient Agora.

Afterwards, we will drive up to the edge of the Acropolis of Corinth (Acrocorinth), where a spectacular panoramic view of the entire area can amaze anyone.

Then we'll visit the archaeological site of Perachora, the sanctuary of the goddess Hera and the holy monastery of saint Patapios.

Lastly, before our departure for Athens, we will have the opportunity to have a meal at a local restaurant in the town of Loutraki.

Meeting Point + Tour Duration

Meeting Point Options: Rail or Bus Station, Cruise Ship Port, Airport, Hotel, Address or Intersection

Duration: 8 hours


Mercedes E 200 class(sendan), that is 3 years old with a full insurance coverage.

Clean and Air-conditioned, with Wi-Fi (Free internet).

Up to 3-4 customers.

What’s Included

Guiding Services

Private Transportation

Other: Soft drinks, candy and a snack.

Also is included a coffee in a local coffee shop.

liability insurance for each participant

***In the End of our Tour a Great Souvenir Gift is included.!!***

Estimated Local Cash Needed

20 Euro - 20 euros per person for entrance in the historical monuments. Free Admission for:


-Members of the ICOM-ICOMOS

-Persons possessing a free admission card

-Persons under 18

-Soldiers carrying out their military service

-Tour guides

-University students from Greece and the E.U.

What’s Extra

-Personal Expenses


-Food, Drinks, Snacks

Other: Entrance fees for the historical monuments such as the Ancient Corinth, Ancient Corinth Archaeological Museum and the castle of Acrocorinth.


-I am not a licensed guide.

-I do not have a license to give tours inside of monuments and historical places.


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