Язык Английский, Tурецкий
Стоимость 100 EUR за экскурсию
Количество участников Группа до 5 человек
Длительность 4 часа

Today we are going to visit the capital of the island. Lefkosa / Lefkosia / Nicosia are the names given to the same city which has been the capital since 11AD. Kyrenia Gate was one of the 3 gates to enter the walled city in the old days. Today we enter the old city from the same place. Venetian Column, Arabahmet Quarter, Buyuk Hamam, Samanbahce Houses are some of the places that we'll visit on todays excursion. We'll have our Cypriot coffee at Buyuk Han , which is the Kervansaray and was built in 1572. Bandabuliya, St. Sophia Cathedral, Bedesten will also be visited on this tour. You will have free time for shopping and for lunch. It will be the tour of history and leisure. . . .

*The meeting point is Ledra Street check point in N. Nicosia. If you want to a transportation from other cities please ask for the price.

* This tour is on foot so please wear comfortable walking shoes.

* The lunch and entrance tickets for museums are extra.


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