Язык Английский, турецкий
Стоимость 500 EUR за экскурсию
Количество участников Группа до 5 человек
Длительность 10 часов

Today we are travelling to the east of the island. Our first stop will be at St. Barnabas Monastery. Barnabas was one of the Saints whom started spreading Christianity with St. Paul. His Tomb and the monastery will be our first stop in Famagusta.

Who built St. Nicholas Cathedral? What did the Ottomans do when they took over Famagusta from the Venetians? You will learn all about the history while you get to take photos of this beautiful Medieval City. We have a panoramic view of Varosha which was once known as 'Ghost Town' and now after 46 years it has been opened. We than drive to Kyrenia to visit Bellapais Monastery which is on the cliff of the Kyrenia Mountains. Have a walk in the narrow roads of the village. We have our lunch facing the Abbey(extra). We drive to Kyrenia Castle which is on the harbor hat was built by Byzantine people. The Shipwreck Museum is also included in the program.We than drive to Nicosia and pass by Kyrenia Gate and Venetian Column and walk at Arasta and drink our coffee at Buyuk Han. Which is one of the eighteenth Kervansarays that was built during the Ottoman Period in the 16th century. It will be a memorable day for you if you have a limited time and would love to visit 3 different cities in one day.


*If you are going to join the tour from a different city rather than Nicosia / Famagusta or Kyrenia there will be an extra transportation fee.

* Professional guidance

*Transportation with 6 seated vito(vianno) and the driver

* Tickets for museum and historical sights

* A small bottle of water for each participant including Cypriot coffee


* Lunch is extra


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