Pamir highway tour

Язык Английский, Русский
Стоимость 1920 USD за экскурсию
Количество участников Любое количество человек
Длительность 1 неделя 3 дня

Pamir highway 10-day tour (Dushanbe to Dushanbe)

Description of the itinerary:

Duration: 10days/ 9 nights

Day 1 Dushanbe

Day 2 Dushanbe - Kalaikhum

Day 3 Kalaikhum

Day 4 Kalaikhum -Khorog

Day 5 Khorog- Ishkashim

Day 6 Ishkashim - Bulunkul

Day 7 Bulunkul

Day 8 Bulunkul - Murgab

Day 9 Murgab - Dushanbe

Day 10 Dushanbe - Home

Day 1 Dushanbe

Arrival in Dushanbe. Meet your driver and transfer to the hotel. Check in at noon( depending on your arrival).


Dushanbe as the capital of Tajikistan considered to be one of the most safest cities in Asia. For it's good security Dushanbe was awarded with reward of "The city of independence " by UNESCO in 2004 . And again by increasing of security stage in Dushanbe this reward was given to the city again. Nowadays Dushanbe is acknowledged as cultural, historical and modern city with fully significant sights. Here also located the highest flag in the world.

Dushanbe: a perfectly pleasant city!

Arrival in Dushanbe airport. And we will take you from the airport and we will begin the tour.

Places to visit in Dushanbe for today:

National Museum: the museum has some interesting collections you will enjoy: some of the frescoes from Old Panjakent, and an entire top floor with unique artworks from Tajik artists.

Rudaki Park: Dushanbe’s prettiest park is next to the National Museum. Its tree-lined ways contain everything from Palace of Nations (where the president works) to eccentricities like the second tallest flagpole in the world. Visit after a trip to the museum, but know the park really comes alive at night.

Rohat Chaikhana: Massive teahouse on Rudaki Avenue. Beautifully decorated and a pleasant place to have an affordable nice lunch outside. You can sit in a columned open hall, or an elaborate wooden interior.

Museum of Antiquities: I know, I know, museums. But wait: it contains the bones of the Princess of Sarazm (creepy, but cool), plus an impressive collection of ancient artifacts.

Mehrgon Bazaar: Grand bazaar in the north of the city where you can buy everything from freshly diced carrots to stuffed dried dates.

Ayni Opera & Ballet Theatre: Here you can see operas or ballets in a grand theater for unbeatable prices.

Sim Sim brewery: Tajikistan’s favorite beer is brewed here in Dushanbe. You can enjoy two varieties of local brew on its rooftop terrace, or in the restaurant. Food and regional bar snacks are on offer

Botanical Garden: A short walk from Chatr Café, stroll in this sprawling garden where couples and families enjoy days out. Overnight in hotel.

Day 2 Dushanbe - Kalaikhum

Our first destination is the Norak water reservoir. The dam here is the tallest earth-fill embankment dam in the world and the second tallest man-made dam overall. We’ll stop so you can get out of the car, stretch your legs, and grab some stunning pictures. From here, we’ll head toward the Afghan border through the Shuraba pass (2,267m). It’s here on the edge of Tajikistan that we’ll officially enter the Pamirs. We’ll drive along the natural border between Tajikistan and Afghanistan, formed by the Panj River. As we drive you’ll be able to see some of the Afghan villages that have settled themselves along the banks of the river. In the evening we’ll arrive in the Rushan region of Tajikistan. This evening you’ll be staying in a home stay in the village of Kalai-Khum. It’s here that we’ll get our first look into the unique culture of the residents of the Pamirs.

Day 3 Kalaikhum


From Rushan we begin the most difficult but rewarding portion of our journey through the Pamirs. The people of the Pamirs are famous in Central Asia for their ability to carve out a life in the harsh, mountainous environment and their amazing hospitality. Today we’ll hike through Jizew Valley, a stunning oasis in the middle of the stark sandy Pamirs. In the afternoon, we’ll return to our homestay in the main valley for dinner.

Day 4 Khorog

In and around Khorog JIZEW – KHOROG.

Our journey today takes us to the remote city of Khorog. The city is located on the confluence of the Shokhdara, Ghund, and Pyanj rivers. Take advantage of your free afternoon to explore the sites of the city. Take a minibus to the botanical gardens on the outskirts of the city, or stick to the city center and explore Khorog Park and Bazaar. Reconvene with the group for dinner at a café and then retire to your guesthouse for the evening.

Day 5 Ishkashim


Today we continue to drive along the Tajik – Afghan border on the way to the village Ishkashim. The village straddles the border and is home to a unique bazaar. Take advantage of your Saturday to visit the border market, located on a river island in no-mans-land between Tajikistan and Afghanistan. This is a great place to pick up some interesting souvenirs for yourself or your loved ones back home. In the late afternoon, take the opportunity to relax in the hot springs and Garmchashma Spa. This area of Tajikistan has long been a popular destination for people who believe the waters possess healing properties. In the evening we’ll head to our homestay for dinner.

Day 6 Bulunkul


Today we’ll travel through the Wakhan Valley. Historically, the Wakhan Valley has served as the divide between eastern and western Asia, as well as later becoming the natural divide between the Russian and British Empires. With such a rich history, there’s a plethora of interesting sites for us to stop at on our way to Langer Village. Our first stop for the day is the ancient fortresses of Kahkaha and Yumchun which date to between 100 and 300 BCE. These ruins once served not only as defensive posts against foreign armies and raiders, but also as ancient temples and customs points controlling the flow of people and goods through Wahkan Valley. Our next stop is the Vrang Stupa. The small complex located at the top of the stupa has unknown origins, but local historians believe it shows signs of being used as both a Zoroastrian and a Buddhist temple during its use. Even its construction period is unknown, with potential dates anywhere from the early 4th to the late 7th centuries. Next we’ll head to the reconstructed home of the Sufi Mystic, Muabara Kadam. The reconstruction of his home has been converted into a museum dedicated to the life of this famous mystic, musician, and astronomer. Highlights include an abundance of his hand bound manuscripts, musical instruments, and the stone pillar he used to calculate a solar calendar. Our final destination of the day is Langer village. We’ll spend the evening at a homestay.

Day 7 Bulunkul


We’ll start the morning by visiting the petroglyphs above Langer Village. The field contains almost 6000 petroglyphs, the oldest of which date back to the Bronze Age. After our hike, we’ll hop in the car and make our way through the Khargush Pass (4344m) to the lakes region of the Pamirs. Yashil Kul and Bulunkul, located at an altitude of 3700m above sea level, are the most beautiful lakes of the region. They’re famous for their stunning blue color and serve as a destination where mountain shepherds graze and water their flocks. If we’re lucky, perhaps we’ll spot a herd of yaks, the domestic animal of choice for this harsh region. Overnight in a homestay by the banks of Lake Bulunkul.

Day 8 Murgab


Today we’ll go to the mountain village of Murgab, or the “Roof of the World.” To get to the village we’ll take the Naziatash Pass (4137m). The village of Murgab was established in 1893 as a Russian military post. The remote city sits above 3500 meters making it the highest city in the Commonwealth of Independent States. Because of its isolation, the people living in Murgab often have to go without but they have still managed to carve out a comfortable living. Murgab is the last city before the Kyrgyz-Tajik border. We’ll stop here and take some time to relax after our long journey on the rough roads of the Pamirs. If the day is clear you will be able to catch a peek of Muztagh Ata Mountain in the distance.

Day 9 Dushanbe


After having your breakfast driving back toward Dushanbe. Free time. Overnight at hotel.

Day 10 Dushanbe


Breakfast. After transfer to the airport for departure.

End of the tour.

Note: Maximum number of people in a group is 30. As much as your group size increases as more the price would be lower!


-All transfers and transport;

-All accommodation. Hotel,Guest houses and Home stays.

-All meals (B.L.D.)

-All entrance and sightseeing fees;

-1L bottled water per day for each

-Guide/interpreter service;

-VAT Tax and Profit of organization;

-Eco Tax;


-Visa, international flight;

-Photo and video charges;

-All personal expenses (extra luggage fee, room service, medical expenses/insurance, etc.)

-Fees for extra service (folklore performance, meetings);

-Tips to the guides, drivers and donkey men;

single accommodation

-Alcoholic beverages


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