7 Days Uganda Wildlife Safari

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Day 1: Depart for Kidepo Valley National Park

On this day, your guide will pick you from your accommodation and drive to Kidepo Valley National Park with a hot lunch on the way. Kidepo is a very remote area in Uganda and best of all is the fact that you can actually see some animals in the lodge vicinity. Evening at leisure. Dinner and Overnight at Kidepo Savannah Lodge (FB)

Day 2: Full day Kidepo Valley National park

Another hefty breakfast as you enjoy the impressive melodies of birds in the surrounding trees. You will have a game drive in the morning within the remote parts of the park to view birds and different wild animals. Return to lodge for Lunch. In the afternoon, we head out for another fascinating game drive in the Narus Valley and there you will see numerous buffaloes, zebras, elephants plus giraffes, and if lucky lions, cheetahs plus leopards. In addition, there are numerous bird species along the way. This drive is really slow offering you wonderful opportunities to take pictures of animals, birds, trees, butterflies and plants. Dinner & Overnight at Kidepo Savannah Lodge (FB)

Day 3: Full Day-Kidepo Valley National park

After a wonderful breakfast, you will have a morning fascinating game drive through the arid river bed, savannah, small forests, hills plus the foothills of the mountains to marvel at the impressive flora and fauna in the area.

You will continue to the Karankorog Hot Springs as you see numerous animals along the way. Each game drive is different even when you repeat the very route more than once. The scenery, birds and animals will certainly be very impressive so remember to bring along your camera. Return to lodge for lunch and in the afternoon, spend some time with the Karamajong people on cultural tour learning about their culture and norms. Their passion for cattle is best matched with that of the Maasai and the Turkana of Tanzania as well as Kenya. They are very proud of their culture and they are proud warriors who believe that God gave them a right to all cattle as well as that belonging to other people. You will observe their fascinating lifestyle, their ways of cooking, dancing, and cattle keeping. Dinner and Overnight at Kidepo Savannah Lodge (FB)

Day 4: Depart for Murchison Falls National park.

Today, you will transfer to Murchison Falls National Park which has about 76 mammal species and 451 bird species with a hot lunch on the way. The River Nile runs through the park and attracts Nile crocodiles, hippos and the rare semi-aquatic Sitatunga antelope. Lions, leopards, elephants, buffalos, Rothschild’s giraffes, warthogs, giant forest hog, Uganda kob, topi and waterbuck are just a few of the big-name mammals you may see. Dinner and overnight at Fort Murchison (FB).

Day 5: Full Day in Murchison Falls

After your early morning breakfast, enjoy a full day game drive. Your drive will take you across to Lake Albert and the Nile Delta where you are most likely to see a lot of animals. Murchison Falls National Park is well cited for the best wildlife viewing - giraffes, buffalos, lions, elephants, Nile crocodiles, hippos, oribs, bush buck, waterbuck etc. Return to lodge for dinner and overnight at Fort Murchison (FB)

Day 6: Game drive – Boat trip to the bottom of the falls

Your morning will start with an early morning game drive. You may choose to take a packed breakfast to eat mid-morning or eat a full breakfast upon your return to the Lodge. Admire the wildlife and birdlife of Murchison Falls National Park and ask your driver guide lots of questions along the way. After the game drive, you will return for lunch and have an hour for relaxation by the pool.

In the afternoon, you will head out for a water safari, one of the highlights of this Safari will be the shared boat ride to the bottom of the falls, known for a variety of aquatic wildlife. Return via top of the falls, for a beautiful photo shoot. Dinner and overnight at Fort Murchison (FB)

Day 7: Murchison morning game drive - Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

After breakfast, you will head out for a game drive in the park. Murchison Falls National Park plays host too many unique attractions and adventures, you will see the diversity of wildlife and amazing landscapes that Uganda has to offer. On your way to Kampala, you will visit the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary and trek the white rhinos. The trek will take about an hour then, depart for Entebbe to connect with your outbound international flight.

Please note that check-in for international flights should be done two hours prior to flight departure. The departure area of the airport has a small restaurant, several duty-free shops and a seating area.

***************** END OF SAFARI ****************


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