5 Days Zanzibar Excursion

Язык Английский, Французский
Стоимость 1500 USD за экскурсию
Количество участников Группа до 4 человек
Длительность 5 дней


DAY 1 : full day dolphin tour and Safari blue

07:00am pick up at your hotel to Kizimkazi beach, get a boat ride to the dolphins spots, enjoy watching, swimming and even touching the dolphins, take sometime enjoying the moments than straight to pungume Island for a Sandbank picnic, Snorkling just off the sandbank, sandbathing and a BBQ seafood lunch with drinks and fruits then ride back to the beach for a transfer back to the hotel

DAY 2 : spice tour, stone town tour and Prison island

8am pick up at your hotel for the 3 day tours combined together, these are historical tours in Zanzibar, you'll get a chance to know everything about spices, zanzibar local life, get chance to walk in the naroow streets of Stone Town, visit the magical island with the giant tortoises and a unique history, spend the moments then back to the hotel

DAY 3 Mnembaisalnd Excursion

7am pick up at your hotel and transfer to muyuni Beach, get a boat ride to mnemba island, Snorkling in the beautiful coral reefs, with beautiful schools of fish etc then to the sandbank for taking pictures with the view of mnemba island, enjoy the moments then to the beach for a BBQ seafood lunch.

DAY 4 : Tturtlessanctuary, Villagetour & Dhow sun cruise

At 9:30am pick up at your hotel to nungwi, enjoy swimming with tutles in the natural lagoon, explore the village, relax on the beautiful Zanzibar beach at kendwa till 4am for a Dhow sunset cruise with refreshments on board, enjoy the moments then transfer back to your hotel at 7pm.

DAY 5 : Joan Forest , Kuza caves & The rock restaurant

9am pick up at your hotel to Jozani Forest, discover zs flora and fauna, see the difference Zanzibar colobus friendly monkeys then to the kuza cave, enjoy swimming in the natural fresh water cave, feel in nature and relax In the amazing cave spend sometime then to the rock restaurant trip for dinner,later then pick up for a transfer back to the hotel.








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