Tokyo Full Day Private Walking Tour

Язык Английский, Японский
Стоимость 1300 USD за экскурсию
Количество участников Любое количество человек
Длительность 9 часов

Explore the mysterious city with a knowledgeable guide in a Day

This standard private tour is for the first time visitors to Tokyo.

Tokyo is huge and it is impossible to see the whole in a few days.

I will take you to the best places, depending on season and weather, unless you have preferences.

For nature lovers, I will spend more time in Meiji Shrine Forest, Hamarikyu Garden, and Imperial Palace East Garden. For history enthusiasts, I will explain the transition from feudal society to modern society, by visiting Ueno Park and Imperial Palace. For people interested in Samurai and Ninja, I will visit Samurai museums and Ninja experiences. For pop culture explorers, I will take you to narrow corridors in Akihabara. If the weather is not good, I can let you enjoy in indoor activities. For Sushi explorers, I will take you to the authentic Sushi restaurant in Tsukiji.

In order to customize the tour best for you, please contact me beforehand to discuss.

We use public transportations, such as trains, and subways. If you are not willing to walk much, we take taxis.


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