Touur to Bangladesh

Язык Английский
Стоимость 12000 EUR за экскурсию
Количество участников Группа до 10 человек
Длительность 4 недели 2 дня

Month in motion

You can squeeze a lot into a month, if you pace yourself sensibly you’ll be able to cover the gamut of highlight without cramming too much into your memory bank.

Take your time in Dhaka doing things described in the Dhaka in two days.

Ease yourself into the rhythm of rural life with Launch/ ship. Enjoy your traveling with the locals and overnight in a cabin of the ship. Ship will be arrived in the morning to a floating market Then catch a local small boat down to experience floating market and life of a swamp area in Bengal. Head to Barishal and continue by Rocket service (Paddle steamer/ a ship) to Khulna and incorporate the suggestions of the city to Sundarbans. Make your way back to Dhaka over land by bus or train. With a break in Khulna to visit Tagore lodge. After soaking of city life again, retreat to the relative quiet of Sylhet. The scenic seven hours’ drive from Dhaka is worth doing during the day. After visiting the shrine of Shah Paran and the surrounding of Jaflang area loop your way around to Srimangal, Maybe via Madhab Kunda waterfall. In Srimangal hire a bicycle and paddle through tea plantations and villages.

From Srimangal catch the train to Chittagong, if you’re an archaeology buff, get off en route at Comilla to visit the Mayna moti ruins. Spend couple of days exploring Chittagong and maybe do some adventurous side trips. Check out safety situations and you’ve permits before venturing into the Chittagong Hill Tracts then try to get to Rangamati and Bandarban.

If you still have time left, finish off by doing the beach Bangladeshi style at Cox’s Bazar, Four hrs drive from Chittagong.

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