Old Delhi Heritage Walking Tour

Язык Английский, Хинди
Стоимость 49 USD за экскурсию
Количество участников Группа до 5 человек
Длительность 3 часа

Experience rich culture & heritage in Old Delhi corners, enjoy a cycle rickshaw ride also while in the deep corners. The walk is conducted by Old Delhi's Locals only. Discover the local life, local streets & markets. Also visit local attractions like the "Jama mosque" and ancient mansions.

We, will first pick you from your hotel in Delhi, then drive to Old Delhi and start the walking tour from the "Red temple" area of "Chandni chowk". Our guide immersed in the local history and culture of Old Delhi will brief you about the secrets to be unraveled. Soon we will pass through the twin temples of "Red Temple", a Jain minority sect temple & "Shiva Temple", a Hindu temple and a "Sikh" temple. Also see a British-era Church. Walk through an enormous jewellery market known as "Dariba Kalan". Later be amazed to see "Parantawali Gali" (bread-makers alley, watch bread of different enormous sizes. See one of the most Most impeccable Mughal era haveli of this place. We also visit Asia's biggest spice market, bustling bazaar full of colourful spices. Finally, visit "Jama Mosque", by buying the required entree fee. Finally get dropped back to your hotel in Delhi.


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