3 days to the omo valley tribes

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[ ] The Omo Valley is located in the southern part of Ethiopia, where Ethiopia shares a border with Kenya. The Omo valley is home to many indigenous tribes. All these unique and ancient tribes live in a shoal area, and they are diverse in culture, way of life, and language. Some of the tribes speak the Nile Saharan language family, and some speak Afroasiatic. The rest of the tribe speaks the Cushitic language family. The people who live in this area are semi-nomadic and agro-pastoralist. The majority of the tribes live on the Omo River's bank. They preferred to live on the banks of the Omo River because the area is desert and they needed access to water for their cattle and daily life. Some tribes do fishing on the Omo River as well. Omo Valley is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the country. Many tourists travel across the world to the Omo Valley to discover and experience ancient tribal life. Some of the tribes are still untouched because of a lack of infrastructure in the country. The most visited tribes from the Omo valley are Hamer, Mursi, Benna, Dasenech, Konso, Karo, Dorze, and Ari. 

Day1:- jinka-turmi(110km)

we will pick you up from jinka airport and we going to have lunch together in jinka after lunch we will drive to turmi on our way to turmi you will visit benna tribal village at alduba benna is one of the unique tribe in the region and

Broadly speaking, the Benna belong to the Hamar-Bashada cultural group. Numbering about 35,000 they are primarily settled farmers living in the highlands to the east of the Mago National Park . They enter the Park to hunt during the dry season; if they manage to kill a buffalo they adorn them with clay and have a celebration. after  we visit benna we  will drive to turmi and overnight emerald lodge turmi.


an early morning after we had break fast we will drive to Omo river and we cross the river with boat(optional) to visit dasenech tribe.The Dasenech, alternatively known as the Geleb or Galeba, Marille and Reshiat, live just north of Lake Turkana, the region where Ethiopia borders Kenya and Sudan. These names all concern the same people, in total 24.000 souls. The Dasenech are neighbored by Turkana and Bume and are Ethiopia’s most southern people.after we visit dasenech we will drive back to turmi the we going to have lunch at turmi.

  After we had lunch we will go to hamer village and we will visit the hamer tribe.Hamer is a tribe which occupies the large territory of South Omo. They speak a language which belongs to the Omotic group of languages and display an elaborate and unique style of body decorations and clothes. Women wear leather skirts decorated with cowri shells. Their braided hair is painted with ochre, and their arms are decorated with 15 or more copper bracelets.

  after visiting hamer tribe we will drive to jinka and overnight nasa(optional) hotel at jinka.

Day3:-jinka-mursi-jinka airport(105km)

an early morning after we had break fast we will drive to mago national park and mursi village. The Mursi number about 5,000 and are primarily pastoralists categorized in the Nilo-Saharan language family. The Mursi are Known for their lip plate tradition; an unmarried woman’s lower lip will be pierced and then progressively stretched over the period of a year. A clay disc indented like a pulley wheel is squeezed into the hole in the lip. As it stretches, ever-larger discs are forced in until the lip, now a loop, is so long it can sometimes be pulled right over the owner’s head. The size of the lip plate determines the bride price, with a large one bringing in fifty head of cattle.after visiting mursi we will drive back to jinka on our way to jinka we might see some wildlife's on the road after we arrive jinka we will going to have coffee then transfer to the airport.

note:-if there is a bull jumping(The most important event in the Hamer society. the Bull Jumping Ceremony is the rite which marks a passage of men from one age group to another.)  nearby to turmi we will attend and the price that i told is doesn't include this ceremony i didn't added it cause the ceremony is very rare and the day you have is very short also the tribe didn't organize this ceremony for tourist purpose.so if there is this ceremony nearby you will.........


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