Big Five - Pilanesberg National Park

Язык Dutch, Английский
Стоимость 1950 ZAR за экскурсию
Количество участников Любое количество человек
Длительность 12 часов


Pick-up from 06h00.

End of tour 18h00

(Times are flexible)

Explore the ONLY accessible Imploded volcano on this earth. Pilanesberg was once a volcano higher then the Kilimanjaro. We will visit the Iron age site within the park which was the settlement of chief Pilane. And while we explore this amazing site we will come across the African wildlife.

You will be collected from the Hotel at 06h00 and drive to the Pilanesberg National Park home of the BIG FIVE.

On arrival we will drive towards the Iron Age site for quick breakfast and small tour guide through the site. we will explore the area, seeing and experiencing how the people back then lived. From there we will drive further in the park in our vehicle experience the wild side of Africa by searching for the the animals small and big that the park has to offer. At curtain points we will arrive at bird hides. this will allow us to stretch our legs and experience the birdlife in the park. We will stop at one of the pick-nick site for a typical South African Braai Lunch. During the lunch you can relax and enjoy the view experiencing the total tranquility of the African bush. After the lunch we explore the park further till its time to head back. On our way back will stop at the Chameleon African Craft market. Here you can walk around the different stalls with all kinds of African arts and artifacts. a great way for finding the right souvenirs.

From the Chameleon Craft Market will head back to the hotel. A full day, visiting one of the worlds most unique places. a true gem.

Once you have satisfied you purchasing

Rates: 1 Person @ R2950: 2 to 4 Persons @ R2280: 5 Persons & up @ R1950


Dress code: Comfortable clothing, walking shoes nd a hat or cap

What to bring along

Sun screen lotion.


This tour will comprise of the following:

Shuttling to and from the Hotel.

Tour Pilanesberg National Park.

Lunch Braai with drinks.

(No Alcohol, Bring own with Cooler box provided)

Drinks and snacks

Stop at Chameleon Village

6 hour game drive in our own vehicle within the reserve

All photos taken by tour guide will be shared.


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