Experience the beautiful Kashan on this tour

Язык Английский
Стоимость 80 USD за экскурсию
Количество участников Любое количество человек
Длительность 1 день

Experience the beautiful Kashan!

First of all, we visit Fin Garden Unesco World Heritage, a lush garden renowned as being the very epitome of the Persian gardens.

In the garden you can enjoy a delightful atmosphere as water from a natural spring flows through a series of turquoise-colored pools and fountains. Then we delve more into history, maybe centuries ago. We stop at Sialk hill and discover the life of humans early life.

Afterward, we visit Agha Bozorg Mosque, a historical mosque in Kashan, Iran. The mosque was built in the late 18th century by master Haj Sabanali. The mosque and theological school (madrasah) are located in the center of the city. Agha Bozorgh Mosque was constructed for prayers, preaching, and teaching sessions held by Molla Mahdi Naraghi II.

We reach the most fantastic part of our excursion. We visit Tabatabaei and Borojerdi Traditional Houses, which are the perfect places to gain insight as to how great taste of art and exquisite workmanship can come together to build a splendid house about 2 centuries ago.

In the end, we take a walk in Grand Bazaar and shop.


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