Kalash Festival Pakistan

Язык Английский
Стоимость 1700 USD за экскурсию
Количество участников Группа до 4 человек
Длительность 7 часов

The four-day festival is held in the middle of May. During the festival, men and women meet with the aim of finding a spouse. This festival gives an excellent opportunity to celebrate the beginning of summer and to give a message of peace to the world. During this festival, the people of Kalash pray for the safety of their fields and animals. The people of Kalash adore the music and dance to the beat of drums. Both men and woman share these moments of dancing together during the festivities.

This is Religious cultural festival, all guests are requested to respect all local community and their cultural values and tradition during your stay in the valley, Makes a good impression of community based tourism

Arrival at Islamabad

Meet our guide at Meeting point in Islamabad zero point and Transfer to hotel. After lunch explore Islamabad dinner in Afghan restaurant in Islamabad, overnight in hotel.

Islamabad –Chitral- Kalash

Drive to Chitral through Swat motorways to Check Dara and then flow the Chitral road from Check Dara to upper Dir, Lunch at Upper Dir and cross Lawari Tunnel, both site of the tunnel photo stop and also some view point for photography on arrival transfer to hotel. Overnight stay in hotel.

Full Day Activities in Bumburat/ Rumbur Valley

Today you will join festival in Rumbur valley and Bumburat Valley. Today depend one your wishes, if you want to go to Rumbur valley we will arrange jeep for you and you have to pay the jeep ticket directly. full day spend in Rumbur valley and in the evening back to Bumburat valley. Same cultural activities also in Bumburat valley. Rumbur valley less touristic as compare Bumburat valley. Overnight in the hotel.

Cultural Activities in Bumburat Valley

After breakfast visit the dancing place in Bourn village in Bumburat valley. Today all the dancing activities in bourn villages, all Kalashi coming from different village with group to join the festival. Night at hotel.

Final Day at Batrak Bumburat

Last day religious and cultural event in Batrak village Bumburat valley. You can join cultural activities all the days, this really amazing day, all Kalash people together all the day, All community fully celebrating and enjoy the activities. Overnight in Hotel.

Bumburat Kalash – Islamabad

After breakfast drive back to Islamabad, On the way stop for lunch and short break on view point, on arrival drop to your hotels and bus station. End of the tour.

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