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Mumbai is cosmopolitan city. There are Hindus , Muslims , Christians , Jewish , Buddhist , Jain , Sikh and parsee community. All are living together without having problem in between them.

They also respects each others culture, religion and worship places ( Temples ).

So in this tour you will get chance to visit 3 to 4 Temples.

In Hinduism There are lots of gods.But 3 gods are principle.

Brahma : Creator

Vishnu : Conservator

Shiva : Destroyer of bad things and demons.

but two gods are very famous, Krishna ( god of love ) and Ganesha ( god of prosperity)

So in this tour I will take you to the Temple of Ganesha and Krishna.

and also we will visit Temple of Shiva.

Temple of other religion like Jain also we are going to visit.

If you are Jewish then I will take you to the one of the oldest synagogue of the city.

if you wish to visit church then there are very old and beautiful churches. when Portuguese came to Mumbai they built Catholic Churches and the britishers built Anglican churches.

in this way you can understand how we worship here, the ambiance of the temple and much more.

Try the unique experience with me in English or Spanish.

Thanks 🙏


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