10 Days Trip Southern Omo Valley. Boating, Culture, Tribal Experience

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Стоимость 2000 USD за экскурсию
Количество участников Группа до 10 человек
Длительность 1 неделя 3 дня

The Omo River in southern Ethiopia is the largest Ethiopian river outside the Nile Basin. Its course is entirely contained within the boundaries of Ethiopia, and it empties into Lake Turkana on the border with Kenya. The river is the principal stream of an endorheic drainage basin, the Turkana Basin.

Visit series Rift Valley lake in Arba Minch.

make boat trip on Lake Chamo to see the largest crocodiles in Africa.

Meet the local Turmi trips.and Excursion to Omorate to visit the Dasenach tribes.

Meet Jinka Karo village Trips, Mursi & Konso - Yabello.

10 days Omo valley tour boating, culture &Trip; experience

Arrival of Addis Ababa and meet the Glance Ethiopia Tours representative. Then transfer your hotel.

Arbaminch you will visit the series Rift Valley lakes that are teemed with different bird species.

Chencha make boat trip on Lake Chamo to see the largest crocodiles in Africa which measure up to 7 Mts

Turmi en-route visiting Tsemay and Benna tribes. Then walk to the villages of the Hammer people that enjoy body decoration and wear quantities.

Omorate visit the Dasenach tribes across the Omo river by wooden local boat then come back to Turmi.

Karo - Jinka Early excursion to Karo village for the visit of Karo tribes with their interesting body decorations and scarification; In the afternoon drive to Jinka.

Mursi village known for their attractive culture, women wearing large clay plates into their lower lips.

Konso - Yabello en route visit Konso tribes village. Konso tribe is known for their unique social life structure and practicing the agriculture terracing. The king village is very interesting.

Yabello - Yirgalem the crater salt lake to see the Borena people extracting mud salt for their livestock food and on the way back stop at Dubluk to see the singing

Yirgalem - Addis Ababa drive back via Awassa and visit the daily local fish market at lake Awassa. Evening fare well dinner at traditional restaurant and transfer to airport for flight back to home.


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