Giza pyramids & The Sphinx Half Day Tour

Язык Английский
Стоимость 195 USD за экскурсию
Количество участников Группа до 10 человек
Длительность 4 часа

Embark on an extraordinary half-day guided exploration of the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx, uncovering the hidden secrets and treasures of the Giza Plateau. Decode the enigmatic mysteries of the Great Sphinx, preserved for millennia.

Our journey unfolds step by step as we delve into the rich history of the Great Pyramids, paying respects at opened tombs like Queen Meresankh's, Pharaoh Khafre's esteemed wife, offering insights into the royal past.

Ascend to the panoramic vista of the Giza Plateau for exceptional photos and a memorable camel ride, taking in the breathtaking scenery.

The grand finale awaits at the Valley Temple of Khafre and the iconic Great Sphinx, where ancient history comes alive before your eyes. After this awe-inspiring visit, choose to indulge in a leisurely lunch and shopping, completing your unforgettable journey.

Tour Highlights:

Flexible Pick-up: Choose a convenient time between 7:30 am and the latest pick-up at 3:00 pm.

Explore the Giza Plateau for two and a half hours.

Enjoy a round trip of approximately 1 hour.

Maximized Itinerary:

The Great Pyramid of Khufu

Khafre Pyramid

The Valley Temple of Khafre

Menkaure Pyramid

The Sphinx

Tomb of Queen Meresankh III

Optional Camel Ride (30 Minutes Max)

Optional Lunch

Optional Shopping

- Includes Me as Your guide and a vehicle with a dedicated driver.

- Excludes: Entrance fees, Meals, Personal Expenses, Camel Ride.

Note: All tour itineraries, including this one, can be customized, expanded, or shortened to suit your specific interests or group size upon request.


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