14ds/13nts combind tour to Omo valley and history in the north.

Язык амхарский, Английский
Стоимость 4433 USD за экскурсию
Количество участников Любое количество человек
Длительность 2 недели

This itinerary covers history in the north, including ancient churches & monastries, Islamic religion in the east & culture of Omo valley tribes in the south. The northern route touches:- Lake Tana monastries, 17th century medieval history of Gondar, Scenery of Simen mountains NP &, 12th C rock hewn churches of Lalibella and the ancient city of Aksum. While to the east is the history of Harar & iits Muslim inhabitants. The southern part of Ethiopia is characterized by culture of diversified ethinic groups and their way of life.


Day 1- Addis Abeba

Arrive Addis Abeba transfer to your hotel. Balance of the day, do city tour and visit National museum where Lucy is located, Mount Entoto and Merkato. O/n hotel

Day 2- Addis Abeba- Diredawa- Harar-

Take the morning flight to Dire Dawa and drive to Harar (42kms), after check in to hotel, go out for a city tour of Harar and visit the old city where the only Harari people who are the first settlers of the city are living, colourful markets equiped with several kinds of commodities including "chat", a green leaf with nicotine content on which people chew it to stimulate themselves and relieved from depression atmosphere, ancient mosques, private Harari people houses decor with basketry works and earthenware materials and more. In the evening entertain yourself with wild Hyenas by feeding a piece of meat and ቦነ. O/n hotel

Day 3- Harar - Addis Abeba- Arbaminch-

Check out your hotel and drive to Diredawa to connect with a flight to Arbaminch, balance of the day drive to Dorze village to visit the Dorze people and their beautiful village with full of false banana plantation. O/n hotel or Lodge

Day 4- Arbaminchi - Turmi

Have breakfast and proceed to lake Chamo for boat cruise to see Hippos and African Crocodiles, back to your car then drive to Konso village for lunch. After lunch, visit Konso village then continue to Turmi with a stop at Keyafer market where the Bena, Tsemay and Ari people are transacting their goods (Thursday).

Day 5- Turmi -

In the morning drive to Karo village for Karo tribes known for body painting and scarification. Back to hotel then after lunch head to Omorate to see the Dassenech people living on the other side of Omo river. . Late afternoon, more visit of the Hamer village and experience their way of life.

Optional- Bull jumping ceremony if available.

O/n Lodge

Day 6- Turmi-Jinka-

Today we drive to Jinka with stop at any available market places. Late afternoon visit Ari village who occupy the outskirt of Jinka town.

O/n hotel (basic)

Day 7- Jinka-Mursi-Addis Abeba-Bahirdar-

Early breakfast then drive to Mursi village and visit Mursi tribe from which women known for ear and lip- plate insertion.Back to Jinka then head to airport for the flight to Addis Abeba connecting to Bahirdar. O/n hotel

Day 8- Bahirdar-

The whole day in Bahirdar

with boat ride in the mornung to 13/14 centuries lake Tana Monastries then visit the monastery of Ura Kidanemihiret and Aziwa Mariam, Kibran Gabrieal ( nen monastry) and Aziwa Mariam (women monastry) both endowed with religious and tradatiinal mural paintings. Back to hotel via the outlet of Blue Nile river. Afternoon, drive to blue Nile falls. Walk for about 1 hour to the falls. O/n hotel

Day 9- Bairdar-Gondar-

Drive to Gondar with a stop at Awramba community village. After lunch, visit the royal enclosure, bath of king Fasiledes, the church of Trinity and the monastery of Kuskuam Mariam. O/n hotel

Day 10- Gondar- Simen mountains NP-Gondar

Full day in Gondar with day trip to Simen Mountains NP. Take breakfast and head to the Simen mountains NP with your lunch-box. Enjoy the endemic Gelada Baboons and magnificent land scape of the Simen escarpments.Late in the afternoon back to Gondar with a stop at the Fellasha village where Ethiopian Jewish communities used to live. O/n hotel

Day 11- Gondar-Lalibela

Take breakfast then transfer to airport for the flight to Lalibela.After lunch, visit atleast the first group of churches, such as Bete Medhanialem ( the hose of the savior of the world) Bete Mariam ( house of St. Mary), Bete Denagil (house of the virgin martyrs), Bete Emanuel, Bete Giyorgis (house of St. George) and more. O/n hotel.

Day 12- Lalibella

Full day in Lalibella and in the morning day trip to the monastery of Yimrehan kirstos or mule trekking to the church of Asheton Mariam both located out side Lalibela town. Afternoon more visit of remaining churches in Lalibella such as Bête/house of St. Gabriel and Raphael, Bête Merkoriw, Bête Emanuel, Bête Aba/father Libanos. O/n hotel

Day 13- Lalibela-Axum-

Breakfast then transfer to airport for the flight to Aksum. Check in hotel then proceed to have a sightseeing of the stele park, tomb of king Kaleb and Gebre Meskel. After lunch more visit of St. Mary Zion church, ruin palace of queen of Sheba and more. O/n hotel

Day 14- Aksum-Addis Abeba

Breakfast then transfer to airport for the flight to Addis Abeba more city tour of the capital and other activities, then after farewell dinner, transfer to airport for departure. End of the tour

Price includes

-Meal in full board basis

-Tea, coffee, soft drink and ju

ice during meal time.


-Mini van in Addis Ababa and 4x4 out side Addis Ababa.

-Fuel expense

-English speaking guide all the way

-Local guide service at every places

-Entrance fee at all sites

-Water as needed

-Guide airticket

-pick up and drop off from and to airport.

-Scout allowance

-Mule hire

-Boat rental

-Gov. tax

Not includes

-Local and int'l air ticket

-Pesonal expenses like shopping, photograph and etc

-Health issue expense

-Visa and insurance fee


-Alcholic drinks.


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