Dahshur Pyramids & Memphis Half Day Tour

Язык Английский
Стоимость 195 USD за экскурсию
Количество участников Группа до 10 человек
Длительность 4 часа

Enjoy an Epic adventure to Dhahsur Necropolis, where Pharaoh Snefru built Egypt's first True pyramid (The Red Pyramid) after he had his ultimate experience constructing the Bent Pyramid, Followed by the ruins of the first capital of Egypt and the colossal of Ramses The Great.

We will start our tour by visiting the cradle of Egyptian Pyramids; Dahshur where a Great King named Snefru built Egypt's first true Pyramidl the Red Pyramid after a trial he made in the same area led to the creation of the famous Bent Pyramid.

At Dahshur we will learn about pyramid construction in Ancient through a life-changing experience that will change your idea of Egyptian pyramids before we proceed to visit Egypt's first capital; Memphis which was founded by the first pharaoh; Narmer, and then became one of the largest cities in the ancient world.

See the places where some of the oldest and best-preserved sites in the world are located, immerse yourself in the glorious past, and enjoy!


> Highlights:

• Pick up at any time starting 07:30 am, maximum 01:00 pm

• Two hours at Dahshur

• 30 minutes at Memhis.

• 2 HRS round trip

• Drop-off at The hotel.

> itinerary

• The Bent Pyramid (outside and Inside)

• The Red Pyramid (Outside and Inside)

• Memphis

• Lunch (Optional)

• Shopping (Optional)

Includes me as your guide, A vehicle with a dedicated driver.

excludes: entrance fees, Meals, and personal expenses.

> All my tours/itineraries including this one can be customized/ maximized/ minimized upon request according to your interests and/or group size.


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