Nigeria-Benin republic tour in 10 days

Язык Английский, Французский
Стоимость 4520 USD за экскурсию
Количество участников Группа до 4 человек
Длительность 1 неделя 3 дня

A portion of this trip shall cover lagos and some states in nigeria and lter head onward to badagry and from badagry to cross the border into benin republic. The tour will be focused on the lifestyle, culture, food and history of these two countries and at the end the traveller would have positive comparism to make.

Dates: All year round.

Day 1: Arrival and picked up by confidence and his assistant. Transfer to hotel for relaxation and overnight at bobogiri hotel, Jeromes gardens and suites or similar.

Day 2: visit Lekki Conservation, Nike art gallery, Jankara market, stilts village Makoko, and cool of in the evening at kalakuta republic or Felas shrine. Bobogiri or Jeromes gardens and suites.

Day 3: Today we shall leave Lagos for a one and half hour drive to Abeokuta. Tour the olusegun Obasanjo presidential library, the olumo rock, the centenary house, the alakes palace and other other buildings in Abeokuta. Overnight in Celia's hotel Abeokuta.

Day 4: Embark on a 3 hours drive to oshogbo. On arrival, we shall visit the osun oshogbo shrine and groove, the Mama Susan Wenger's house, Nike art center, jimos gallery and explore the local market. Overnight at Nike ambassador hotel or princecourt hotel oshogbo.

Day 5: leave oshogbo to Ekiti on a 2 hours 39 minutes drive and shall check out the ikogosi warm spring, after our tour we shall proceed to 2 hour 45 minutes to idanre hills and have a tour of idanre. Overnight in idanre.

Day 6. Return to Lagos and proceed to the boat terminal at Mile 2, makoko or cms for a boat ride to Badagry. Arrive Badagry and if there is time tour the first story building in Nigeria,the abass seriki slave baracoon, mobi slave museum and the slave market. Overnight in badagry

Day 7: Early morning drive through Badagry towards the Nigeria/Benin border. Afternoon immigration protocols we shall drive for one hour to cotonou. Visit Cotonou Craft Market, the artisanal village and Ganvie Lake Village, Nokoué overnight in Cotonou. Hotel Dulac

Day 8: Cotono- Abomey

Foundation Zinsou

Royal Palace of kings Abomey

Underground Village, Abomey.

The chameleon temple.

Overnight in a good Hotel sun city Abomey or similar.

Day 9: Abomey- ouidah: leave abomey this morning and drive to ouidah and tour the:

Pythons Temple, Ouidah

Ouidah Museum of History

The sacred forest

The slave route.

Overnight at hotel cassa del papa

Day 10: Visit Bab’s Dock, Relaxation and airport transfers.


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