Bumthang Nimalung Tshechu

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Bumthang Nimalung Tshechu Festival lasts for three days happening at the Nimalung Buddhist Monastery. Bumthang Nimalung Tshechu Festival is an annual event. Tshechu are always conducted or ending on the 10th Day of a Bhutanese Calendar month as the term Tshechu means the tenth, which is widely celebrated as Birth Anniversary of Guru Rimpoche, The Second Buddha. Tshechu’s are organized in all 20 Districts of Bhutan and each district performs at different months from one another and its more like a New Year Celebrations and its both happy celebrations for the citizens as well as big day of offerings to the Guru Rimpoche and other local deities.

Bumthang Nimalung Tshechu Tour undeniably is a historical tour to understand the establishment of religious and cultural landmarks around Bhutan, specifically in its religious and spiritual heartland, Bumthang. Suppose you are someone who loves ancient architecture, festivals, culture, and history. In that case, the Bumthang Nimalung Tshechu Tour is intended just for you.


Day 01

1Arrival in Paro then transfer to Thimphu City - 1: 30 hour (55km) flight

Day 02

2Excursion tour in Thimphu

On this day, you will explore the famous tourist destinations and be amazed by the culture and nature of Thimphu. After breakfast, you will drive to some religious, economic, and nature bound landmarks as per your interest and permittance of time.

Your first stop will be the King’s Memorial Chorten, situated in the prime location of Doebom Lam. It is thus regarded as the ‘most visible religious landmarks in Bhutan.’ With its golden bells and majestic architecture, the National Memorial Chorten was built in honor of Jigme Dorji Wangchuk, the third king of Bhutan and the father of modern Bhutan.

You can also opt to visit the Buddha Point or Buddha Dordenma, a 54m/177ft tall statue of Shakyamuni Buddha situated on the Thimphu District's northern side. Changankha Lhakhang is another religious site you can visit if you are up for some hiking adventure. Built in the 13th century, it is located atop a small hill.

You can drive to Motithang and observe the Takin Preserve, a wildlife reserve for the national animal of Bhutan, Takin.

Overnight stay at a hotel in Thimphu.

Day 03

3Drive from Thimphu to Punakha - 2 to 3 hour (74 km) drive then excursion tour

Day 04

4Drive from Punakha to Phobjikha Valley via Gangtey Goempa - 2 to 3 hours (85 km) drive

Day 05

5Drive from Gangtey/Phobjikha to Bumthang - 4 to 5 hours drive

Day 06

6Attend the Nimalung Festival

Day 07

7Excursion Day in Bumthang

Day 08

8Drive from Bumthang to Wangdue - 5 to 6 hours (197km) drive

You will bid farewell to Bumthang and head back to Wangdue through the Trongsa Bumthang Highway. You will pass Jakar, followed by the Bumthang-Ura Highway towards Chendebji for lunch. You will visit the Chendebji Chorten, which is built in Nepalese stupa style during the 18th century. It is known to have restrained the body of an evil spirit of the Nagala demon under the Chorten.

After the brief stop, the drive will continue towards Wangdue. There you will be transferred to your homestay or hotel. In the homestay, you will have a better chance of interacting with the locals and understanding their day-to-day lifestyle. From their distinct food to their homes, you will be offered the true Bhutanese experience. In the evening, you can set out to the scattered settlements for photography.

Overnight stay at Hotel or Homestay in Wangdue.

Day 09

9Drive from Wangdue to Paro - 3 hours (110km) drive then sightseeing

Day 10

10Sightseeing and Acclimatization Hike to Tiger’s Nest Monastery (3,180m/10,433ft) - 4 to 5 hour.

Day 11



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