Api Base camp Trek Overview

Язык Китайский, Английский, Французский, Хинди, Японский
Стоимость 780 USD за экскурсию
Количество участников 1 человек
Длительность 2 недели

Mount Api is the highest mountain peak in the Far western region of Nepal which stands at an elevation of 7132m. Api Base Camp Trek is located in the northwest corner of Nepal in the Humla district. It is a quite long and highly protected area. Api Nampa Conservation Area itself is home to many endangered animals like red panda, musk deer, snow leopard, blue sheep, and Himalayan Tahr along with lots of other flora and fauna. The Conservation Area is protecting Api mountain.

Api Base camp Trek is much more than just a mountain view. The trek also offers steep gorges, Mahakali valley, subtropical to alpine forest and vegetation, grasslands, waterfalls, lakes, Streams and so much more. This part of the trek also contributes to the beauty of this trekking.

You can also see different ethnic groups like Jhakari, Lohar, Thekare, Brahmins, and Chhetri. They are still very traditional and proudly follow a traditional lifestyle. This is an isolated area and very few travelers have discovered this amazing piece of a travel destination now. Api base camp is not much explored by people but is definitely a deserving place.

Outline Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival at Kathmandu

Day 02: Kathmandu- Dhangadi 1 hour flight

Day 03: Dhangadi- Gokuleshwor 8 hours’ drive

Day 04: Gokuleshwor – Latinath 1.5 hours’ drive

Day 05: Latinath-Makarigaad 5 hours walk

Day 06: Makarigaad- Seti 6-7 hours walk

Day 07: Seti- Domal 6-7 hours walk

Day 08: Domal- Lower Api base camp 6 hours walk

Day 09: Lower Base camp – Api base camp 3 hours walk

Day 10: Api base camp- Seti 7-8 hours walk

Day 11: Seti- Makarigaad 6 hours walk

Day 12: Makarigaad- Latinath 4 hours walk

Day 13: Latinath- Gokuleshwor 2 hours’ drive

Day 14: Gokuleshwor - Dhangadi - Kathmandu


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