Kukrimukri Island

Язык Бенгальский, Английский
Стоимость 230 USD за экскурсию
Количество участников 1 человек
Длительность 3 дня


Char Kukri-Mukri is one of the protected forests and large wildlife sanctuary of Bangladesh. This island under Charfashan upazila of Bhola district is about 120 km away from the city. It is an island that arose hundreds of years ago at the estuary of the Meghna and Tetulia rivers at the mouth of the Bay of Bengal. Historically accurate information is not available, but it is believed that this char was raised in 1912. The then German prince Prince Braun brought ships to this unmanned sea to hunt. Saw a cat and dog running around. The scenery reminded him of the desolate nomenclature. Later, as a translated form of German, it was named Char Kukri Mukri in Bengali. The Portuguese and the Dutch used to resort to banditry and looting. Protect this island from the wrath of nature Afforestation has been done here since 1947 to preserve the pastures. That program later evolved into the Coastal Green Belt Project.

Once upon a time there was nothing to see except dogs and rats (known as Mekur to the locals) in this pasture. Animals found in Char Kukri Mukri forest include Chitra deer, monkeys, wildebeests, foxes etc. And as birds and reptiles, there are different species of buck, wild cock, conch, Mathura, wood peafowl, quail, snake, beji, turtle and various kinds of snakes in this forest. Thousands of guest birds are seen in winter .


Charfashion upazila is 225 km from the capital Dhaka and 35 km from district headquarters Bhola. As Bhola district is an island region, sea is the most convenient mode of transport to reach any place here. However, it is also possible to get here by road; In that case the ferry has to be crossed. However, no direct access by rail and air has yet developed.

Our tour will start from the capital of Bangladesh, since there is no VIP route, we have to follow the normal route. Our journey will start from Dhaka next morning we will go Char Kukri Mukri via Char Fashion of Bhola. All arrangements will be made at the time of departure. The tour plane will depend on how we go. This and then will depend on the travel.

Will definitely use ship cabin and bus for you. And apart from this, you can go in the VIP way which will cost more money. If you want to go in the VIP way, definitely consult the accompanying tour guide. And enjoy the natural environment.


Kukri Mukri you can travel in 2 ways, generally you can travel by ship and bus.

And it can be visited in VIP way which will cost much more.

Tour person…

Usually $230 is required for each person to travel. $450 is required for two people.

For bookings of more than two people, talk to me through the Private Guide application site.


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