Magdy abuelsoud - местный частный тур гид в стране Египет

I'm Magdy Abu Elsoud-Free Lance Tour Guide,

I'm - Professional English Speaking tour Guide. I'm aiming to give a good look at Egypt's people, culture and history.

years tour guide experience; professional guide service; excellent English speaking; tailor making trip ability; rich history and culture knowledge; pleasant personality; always warm feedback...all what you may need for an unique trip in Egypt! Count me in!

I have Bachelor degree in Egyptology and guiding from Cairo University which I earned in-1997.

Then I made a DIPLOMA in guiding in Helwan University from 2000 -2002

I'm working as a free lanced Tour guide with number of internal and international travel agents.

I do private tours for individuals, families and groups all over Egypt.

I'm passionate about travel, and about sharing Egypt travelers all the great experiences, and places that I have uncovered over the years

I have a strong interest in History and learning, and enjoy meeting new people and passing on my knowledge either in a teaching or guiding environment.

My credentials include the following:

• Member of Egyptian General Tourist Guides Syndicate (EGTGS)

• Member of Egyptian Ministry of Tourism

• Member of the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (WFTGA)

• Tour Guide Since 1997

I offer number of varieties in package design to meet customer's requirement and satisfaction with customized packages that can be developed on request. Tourists from around the world can spend their valuable time, experiencing an unforgettable tours in EGYPT .We offer attractive packages at very reasonable rates, to give an exclusive Eco friendly rejoice to the guest.

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Nijay Nair
04 СЕН 2019
Uncovering Egypt with Magdy Abuelsoud – the cradle of civilisation
December, 2018
Simple research will indicate that humanity’s written history is preceded by the Palaeolithic Era (Early Stone Age) follows by the Neolithic Era (New Stone Age).
In the Palaeolithic Era, humans lived as hunters & gatherers and were generally nomadic. It is in the Neolithic Era that the Agricultural Revolution began between 8,000 and 5,000 BC. The development of agriculture changed the human lifestyle. Earliest evidence of farming seems to indicate its development in the Middle East around 10,000 BC, followed by 7,000 BC in China; about 6,000 BCE in the Indus Valley (now India) & Europe and about 4,000 BC in the Americas. This indicates the Middle East as the place where organised communities first started emerging.
This was the period, humans began systematic husbandry. Agriculture advanced and humans transitioned from a nomadic to a settled lifestyle as farmers in permanent settlements thereby developing communities. Water was an essential variable to the agricultural equation and communities began emerging around river banks. The banks of the Nile. Where ‘community’ on this planet originated.
The Pyramids – as magnificent as an attraction it is – merely serves as a monumental testament of these times pre dating religion. But yet, introducing the concept of god.
Religion began 1,000 years after the pyramids soared the skies of Egypt. Is it any surprise or a subject of wonder that Judaism, Christianity and Islam all flourished in and around Egypt?
Everything above is just a glimpse of what I learnt as a traveller when I visited Egypt in December 2018. And though I had watched countless hours of National Geographic and History channels before my visit to Egypt, I never quiet understood the significance of Egypt the way I did after my visit.
And I have Magdy to thank for this. His role was that of a Historian, Egyptologist, Archeologist, Guide and more than most, a friend. Our time in Egypt and the itinerary he choose was a life altering event for me and my family. The wonder of this process was the way the information was provided to us. It was not preached. It was told to us in order for us to have the ability to process it the way we want to. Magdy has a rare gift.
I am personally one that is difficult to find on social media. But I feel compelled to write this review – long as it may be – as I think I will not be doing my duty if I did not play my part in amplifying Magdy’s skill and capability. To say that he is wonderful and that I recommend him would be a terrible understatement. I think you will miss something if you don’t see Egypt with Magdy.
Now before I close this review, I must say that all the views I express is personal and my interpretation and understanding of what I saw and learnt. I am not an expert of any kind and just a common man trying to make sense of what I see and the above is purely what I understand.
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