Seyhan Aksoy - местный частный тур гид в стране Турция

I am an experienced and licensed tour guide in Turkey and I live in Çanakkale. I studied Tour Guiding at the University of Mersin and licensed by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture and I am a member of Caro (Chamber of Tour Guides of Canakkale).

Since 2006 I have been living in Çanakkale and guiding people from all over the world on the Gallipoli Peninsula, in Troy, Assos, Pergamon and more. I read many books about Gallipoli, learned much about its rich history, and I am eager to share this knowledge with you. If you are interested in Gallipoli Campaign you are only one click away!

Please let me know what your interests are, how many days and how many people you have, and places that you would like to visit or even send me a specific itinerary that you would like to make a reality.

Except for the published tours in case you have another program or wish in your mind don't hesitate contact me whenever you want. And If you have your own transportation ask for a tailored tour or customise your own tour.

I look forward to making your visit to this storied region of the world absolutely unforgettable.

Языки Английский, Tурецкий
Валюты Доллар США (USD), Евро (EUR)

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