Vlado Veljanoski - местный частный тур гид в странах Северная Македония, Албания, Болгария

Dear travelers,

It is my pleasure that you are reviewing my profile and tours.

My name is Vlado, and I am an independent personal tour guide based in Skopje, Macedonia. I work with small groups, maximum eight people, in order to give exclusive service to each of my customers. I am fluent in English, Serbocroatian, Bulgarian and Russian. With over 20 years of local guiding experience, I have a complete knowledge of Macedonia - its history and legends, its traditions and culture. I organize private tours with free vehicle for transport, door to door, back 100% customized and tailored to your tastes and needs, all around Balkan, providing exceptional service, assisting rent of vehicles and apartments, at prices to meet every budget!

I offer wide range of cultural trips including my special "Exclusive Macedonia round tour", day tours along the Ohrid lake coast, and visit to Eco village_"Krapa". archaeological and historical tours, monastery trips, research tours, nature tours, foodie and wine tours, as well as outdoor activities including hiking, biking, fishing, horseback riding and special Eco, rural village trip with organic food and home made brandy.

My services were used during my 20 years work for UN, NATO and US Embassy.

I am graduated in International Law, and Licenses from Faculty of Tourism. Member of the Association of Macedonian Tour Guides. I have gained the experience of creating tailor made itineraries and/or routes, professionally organize and do individual tours around Macedonia and Balkan countries, with accommodation (hotels, private apartments, bed and breakfast, or all inclusive}or with out accommodation, acting both as a driver using for free own AC vehicles, and a tour guide and companion.

My services include guiding, - giving the travelers rich historical and cultural information about the whole of Balkan Area, driving, - providing airport transfers, as well as transfers to Macedonia neighboring countries - Sophia (Bulgaria), Istanbul (Turkey), Thessaloniki (Greece), Skopje, Ohrid, Belgrade (Serbia)

By choosing a personal tour guide you are actually choosing to have personal service, caring attitude and to receive up-to-date information about the daily life - a review over the economics, arts, education and health care in Macedonia.

Organizing all trips for small groups (8 people), for bigger groups arranging visit in cooperation with licensed travel agency.

The journey is the pleasure . . . Macedonia (the land of the bible) is the unforgettable positive experience .


How do you get to Macedonia?

Macedonia has two main airports for flying in which are Skopje Airport Alexander the great and Ohrid Airport Apostol Pavle. With the recent modernization of Macedonian Airports the access to European destinations is as easy as ever. There are around 150 flights in a week from different European cities to Skopje. There are direct flights from three Swedish cities, Malmo, Copenhagen and Stockholm.

Out of 275 European airports, Skopje's Alexander the Great Airport won the prize for the 2012 best in Europe, in the category of two million passenger services per year.

Языки Болгарский, Английский, хорватский, Русский, Serbian
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