Ivana Sekulic - местный частный тур гид в стране Сербия

Explore the sights of Serbia on a private tour with qualified Guide. I am licensed Tour Guide for several years. Completed my basic studies and master on Geography University of Belgrade, department of tourism.Now my main goal is to play a more significant role in promoting Serbia through tourism, by utilising my knowledge and experience. I will be happy to help you to organize the perfect guided tour.

Языки Bosnian, English, Croatian, Serbian
Валюты Доллар США (USD), Евро (EUR), Сербский динар (RSD)

Отзывы (2)

Mina Mikaeel
13 ОКТ 2020
We did have two tours with Ivana. No matter if you were looking for a historical or mountainous trip, religious, or fun, Ivana is the best guide for all trips. If you want to have the real test of the Balkans, including wine tasting, restaurants, monasteries, churches, museums, and mountain hiking, Ivana is the right choice.

Very knowledgeable, beautiful young lady, with many different skills. On the first trip, we wanted to have a religious trip through the Orthodox Monasteries of Serbia and Mount Negro, in addition to wine tasting and Serbian barbecue. We really enjoyed our trip. Ivana has many connections with the nuns and monks, so we can have nice spiritual time talking to them. We enjoyed the mountains and that was our main reason for returning on the second trip.

One friend of our group loved the Byzantine Serbian Icons in St. Sava Cathedral, she asked Ivana if she can arrange private lessons for Byzantine Icons Painting. On the same day, it was arranged through Ivana's connections with a nice Byzantine Art Professor. Our friend extended her stay for another five days to complete the course and returning back this coming December.

This is the secret about Ivana "Connections and Connections".

Four months later, we returned for the second time, but this time was more hiking and cultural trip. We really enjoyed Serbia with Ivana, and we feel we are home, and we still have many things to enjoy and to return for. The country is great and Ivana makes it the greatest trip to enjoy.

The Country is secure, beautiful with spectacular scenes, nice people, and great food. I won't spend much time telling about the Serbian History and the Orthodox Monasteries, but visiting Serbia with Ivana makes tasting the history is different.

We don't think we were able to make or enjoy it without Ivana.

Thank you, Ivana, Looking forward to coming more and more. I am ready for January 2021.
Thomas Bruederle
13 АПР 2021
I had the opportunity to visit Belgrade last week and I would like to thank the guide Ivana for organizing an interesting sightseeing tour in Belgrade. Within three hours she showed important highlights of the city and also places where local people go to. Ivana has a good knowledge about this city and the history. She can also give helpful information about life in Serbia.
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