Lesy Danylchenko - местный частный тур гид в стране Украина

I hope you fall in love with my city as I am. I invite you to Kiev and you"ll be impressed. Welcome! Bienvenidos! :)

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Graeme Gairns
27 АВГ 2021
Due to a change of travel plans I had an unexpected stay in Kiev from 26 October to 6 November 2019. Speaking neither Ukrainian or Russian I decided it would be prudent to book a guide / companion / translator for the duration of my trip.
My choice could not have been more fortunate as Lesy proved to be ideal for my requirements with her outgoing personality and her great attention to detail.
From the beginning to the end of my vacation Lesy assisted in every way, helping me choose an apartment, meeting me at Boryspil Airport on arrival and finally ensuring I was in a taxi back to the airport in time for my departure.
During my stay in Kiev Lesy arranged a daily itinerary trying to make sure that I visited all of the main tourist sites of the city where she had an in depth knowledge of evey location.
Lesy also took me off the beaten track to see many of the lesser known attractions within the city which are not included in any tourist brochure.
Lesy's knowledge of the history of Kiev and of Ukraine was outstanding and she was able to explain things in such a way that everything was easily understandable without being information overload or boring.
Lesy's choice of eateries throughout my stay was also superb and I managed to sample a lot of the local cuisine at very reasonable prices.
On my final Saturday Lesy kindly aranged for me to be included n a personal excursion she had arranged for herself and friends to go to a forest about 30km from Kiev spending the day collecting mushrooms and having a barbecue this was totally unexpected and saved me having to spend the day alone in Kiev.
Anyone planning a trip to Kiev in need of a guide / translator / companion would be well advised to take Lesy into consideration when making their choice she rated a 10 out of 10 from me with a price that was well within my budget,
When the world returns to normality after this pandemic and travel restrictions are lifted I have every intention of returning to Kiev to explore the city further, Lesy will be the first name on my contact list.
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