Hamza Chikh - местный частный тур гид в стране Марокко

My Name is HAMZA i obtained my faculty diploma specialized at history and civizilisation in agadir.

i was born and raised between the desert and the oasis of M'hamid El Ghizlane " the door to the Sahara , " in a family with a nomadic background . As a young boy , i was already inspired to be an entrepreneur and started to work guiding travelers through the desert for 10 years . I spent my early childhood living with my family as nomad in the desert until we moved to M'hamid , the last town before the Sahara desert.BillionStarsDesertCamp was born from my love and knowledge of the desert . Through the Sahara camel trek and the Sahara 4 × 4 tour I want to share with you more than just a beautiful landscape . Contained within these dunes an ancient style of life and gives you the chance to discover the inner peace , as you let go of the modern pressure and pace of life and succumb to the silent and peaceful .surroundings During your tour

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Mer Zarrouk
25 ИЮН 2022
Hamza is a great guy and we had an awesome time with him . His welcome was really warm and he presented us the best possible trip to the Eg Chegaga desert . When possible , we will definitely stay with ! him again
Abdo Aram
13 АВГ 2022
our giude Hamza was very kind to everyone, taking the time to give explanations in English and italiano. always available for any questions. the night in the desert is great too, the team on site is also great and very welcoming. the tents are comfortable and the meals are very good in short an excellent memory we take full eyes
Ricardo sam
06 МАЙ 2023
Grazie a hamza abbiamo potuto apprezzare e capire a pieno la storia, le tradizioni e la cultura berbera e anche araba! Un ragazzo sempre puntuale e disponibile, intelligente e pronto ad assecondare ogni nostra curiosità ed esigenza. Ci ha dato tanti consigli, raccontato le differenze tra le etnie, Esperienza assolutamente consigliata per capire l’essenza vera del Marocco. hamza è il miglior essere umano che si possa incontrare!
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