Sk Faisal Hossain - местный частный тур гид в странах Великобритания, Бангладеш, Индия

I Am a Tour Guide Sheikh Faisal While the excited and anxious tourists embark on their journey, I prepare for their arrival. I will have carefully considered the prior knowledge of my tourist and what they will need to know when they arrive at the last tour destination.

In order to ensure that my tour is engaging and meaningful, I must map out the desired destinations in which we are going, possible challenges, and pit stops. I will be adaptable on this journey as unexpected events such as weather, transportation issues and unplanned events will more than likely take place. I will also have the knowledge required to guide the tourists on such a journey.

I give my tourists the chance make inquiries about some of the excursions that we will participate in throughout the tour. This is a great time for me to answer any questions they may have. I ensure that all the needs of the tourists are met as my tours focus on the traveler and their learning experience. It is my job as their tour guide to lead them in the right direction so this tour is as enjoyable and relevant as possible.

I will give my tourists some choice on how they spend their time touring. Based on their interests and learning, they are motivated to become more engaged and work together.

I will have my tourists express their learning throughout and after each destination. This allows me to stay on track and make sure we reach our last stop with the knowledge and skills needed to continue on in other travels.

As the tour guide, one of my main roles is to ensure the safety of my tourists. On such a journey as this, I will have to make sure I know where all of my travelers are at so they don’t get left behind. I will also build positive relationships with the tourists, as we are all on the journey together.

Tours are exciting adventures in which you learn many new things, but they must include some relaxation time. The tourists need down time after a long day of touring. I also need to make sure I have a balance of guiding the tourists and rest.

When we reach our last stop, I will have successfully guided the tourists to all of the destinations safely, helped them conquer challenges that were raised, and built positive relationships. My hope as a tour guide is that the tourists had a great time while making new connections and attained new concepts. After all of the excitement, they will be eager to tour on again to a new place next year. I will ensure this so they are able to move forward and venture on.

When the tour comes to an end, the unique tour group pack up their new knowledge and skills and begin on a new journey. I will see them off and wish them the best on their future travels.

Thank You

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