Hemah Apasamy - местный частный тур гид в стране Малайзия

Salam Sejahtera from Pahang (Malay) / Greeting from Pahang ,

Good Day to all dear guest,

I came to Langkawi for a vacation with my parents in 2003. I was amazed with beauty of Langkawi. The oldest rock formation, tropical forest and mangrove forest with unique wildlife, white sandy beaches and much more ..... 16 years my involvement in tourism and service industry.

In 2020 I move back to my hometown Temerloh Pahang. I continue as tour guide in Temerloh.

Temerloh not only well known for "Ikan Patin" ( silver cat fish ) but also Temerloh is the center point of Peninsular Malaysia which is located in Kampung Paya Siput in Lanchang Temerloh district.

I feel lucky and bless to introducing and share my knowledge about the history ,culture, lifestyle, food, interesting places, outdoor activities/ adventure activities which gives me satisfaction as a tourist guide.

I’m qualified tour guide and till active member of Kedah Tourist Guide Association(KTGA) Kedah state.

Thank you and Happy always

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