Giklik Juma - местный частный тур гид в стране Танзания

Hi ! I am khamis was born & raised on beautiful tropical spice island of Zanzibar" l have been a Guiding for more then 8 yrs, am really enjoying this kind of work likes friends am smiling, helpful, pity. Always ready help and show all best places and give history in around the party of a spice island of Zanzibar-the most beautiful island in the world.

Stone toun tour'

we will walk throug differen historical place, I will show you how the city has changed the last century to the new present time we have,

Prison island' 

We are going to see the tortoise' House was built by first British minister of Zanzibar' House was built as a part of jail, isolation, quarantine, Harbour for loading/unloading slaves and needs of prison island. 

Village tour and ox wagon' 

It's a nice tour, visit schools, village life how locals peoples lives and also getting on Bullock. 

Sand bank picnic' 

Very funny day we can have boat to the white sand ban  full of seas food, fruits, sunbathing and swimming. 

Jozzani forest'

Largest forest on Zanzibar, contains many activities, Types biggest trees study geographical of forests, animals E.g red monkeys available only on Zanzibar.

Spice tour'

We will see and learn the difference types of spices and trees and how Zanzibarian peoples using for the daily life and also how they grow up.

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