Sarki Sherpa Guide - местный частный тур гид в стране Непал

Sarki Sherpa is an enthusiastic outdoor educator with extensive knowledge and experience of the adventure tourism in Nepal. Born in Okhaldunga, located at the Mt Everest region, he grew up in the foothills of the Nepali Himalayas. Growing up with the Himalayas, these Himalaya ranges become so close to him that he started dreaming his entire life spending on the lap of nature. His passion for outdoor life continued with his age. Following his passion to live with the Himalayas, he started working in adventure tourism — trekking and travel — after his graduation. Along with this, he started getting several opportunities to lead lots of trekking trips of Nepal's pristine mountain and foothill walk and trek and climb the country's majestic peaks. However, his passion for learning more to get closer to the Himalayas didn't stop here. And then begins his journey of becoming a professional mountain leader of Nepal. Thereafter he started taking more training and make himself able to be recognized as a qualified instructor for the Nepal Mountain Leadership course (NML). And then he continues leading trips within the Rocky Mountains and the Himalayas.

Sarki has also worked with different national and international companies closely. While leading experiential learning trekking he has also worked in adventure and education institutions. As part of his ethos of giving back,he started working as a volunteer mountain leadership Course instructor since 2013 for the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA). And on every January and June months each year, he teaches about different Himalayan regions of Nepal as well as he teaches technical and soft skills of trekking and mountaineering that includes leadership, navigation, map reading, risk management, rescue evacuation to high altitude mountaineers and workers ahead of the trekking and expedition season. In 2016 he was selected from the mountain leader instructors to train Nepali new guide who wants to be mountain leader. In acknowledgment of his hard work at the Nepal mountain leadership school NMA, technical and business skills, in 2016 he registered new trekking and adventure company and he was team leader of Soul Himalaya Treks to work professionally with his experience team to lead travelers in the Mountains.

With nearing 24 years of experience leading adventure trips, Sarki is passionate about his country and culture and loves to explore his home and to share the joys of Nepal with others. He is an avid climber, trekker, photographer, and outdoor educator and also He has also completed the Advanced Mountain Leader course from NMA and Wilderness First Responder from National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS).

His involvement in Trekking Guides Association Nepal (TGAN) as secretary, has been active in advocating for the protection and betterment of the industry and the environment. 

Trainings & Guiding Experince 

22 years Outdoors Experience like Trekking, Hiking, adventures activities,Outdoors Backpacking in National and international Trekking and Tours companey.

Mountain leadership Course instructors 

Trekking guide training from government of Nepal 

Advance mountain leaders course ,C1C2 and Winter Course (NMA)2017 

Nepal Mountaineering Association NMA

Climbing&mountaineering;   Training from mountain academy Nepal (MAN)

Wilderness First Aid from  Training SOLO

Wilderness Forst Aid Responder from from National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS)

Basic Rescue Training from Nepal Mountaineering Inspectors Association NMIA

Rock indicatory  Training Basic Reccco Corse Completed From Nepal Mountaineering Instructors association NMIA

Advance Backpacking Training  Completed from Leave No Trace LNT/WWF

High Altitude Risk Management and Leadership Training from Nepal Tourism Board NTB 

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