Siham Haleem - местный частный тур гид в стране Катар


My name is Siham. I have been working as an English-speaking tour guide in Qatar since 2008. I am a licensed tour guide offering private tours in Doha and surrounding attractions.

After nine years of career as a tour guide and tour coordinator for a leading tour operator, I have decided to come out and gain the freedom to create my packages and activities to suit traveler's expectations.

It's been a wonderful experience working with a growing tour operator for over nine years. I am proud to be a part of many achievements of the company. I had many opportunities to work with many different groups and individuals thru different programs and projects.

I have done many FAM (familiarisation tours) tours for journalists and tour operators from around the world invited by Qatar National Tourism Council. In addition, I worked with international photographers for popular magazines such as national geographic and Bloomberg, etc.

I have received great feedback from my past clients to the company I worked with.

Besides, touring has allowed me to meet many people, know their cultures and, in turn, take home memories of a pleasant vacation home away from home. In short, they come as strangers but leave as friends.

Qatar Has so much to offer to enthusiastic travelers. Qatar is small compared to other nations in the region, but you will witness completely different landscapes and scenarios in every direction you travel from Doha. For example, if you want to enjoy beautiful silky sand meets the crystal clear sea and have exciting dune bashing, you have to choose the southern part of Qatar on the other hand north part of the country where you can find abandoned 18th century-old UNESCO world heritage site, fortress, and mangrove swamps.

By staying at the same hotel in Doha, you can hit every part of the country and admire all of its wonders.

Every tour could be tailor-made, suiting your personal choices and timings; no matter how avid the request, I will try my best to customize it for you. I have published eight tours. If you cannot find what you are looking for in those tour packages, please send me a message with your interests, duration of the tour, date, and the number of participants; I will create a customized tour package based on your requirements.

Also, I can host big groups of up to 45 participants, and I can organize air-condition van, minibus, and coach according to the number of travelers.

The safety of the passengers always tops my priority. Therefore, there will be enough hand sanitizer and extra surgical masks available in the car for free of charge.

Языки Английский, Tamil
Валюты Катарский риал (QAR)

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