Ramesh Bajgain - местный частный тур гид в стране Непал

I am the Founder and Leader Of the Nepal Holiday Treks & Tours, trekking and tours company. I am Originally from the Himalayan region in Gorkha District of Nepal. I am also a government-trained professional trekking and tour guide, I have guided most of the trekking routes and tours in Nepal, as well as acting as a travel consultant for several well - know trekking companies. I have been working in tourism sector since 2004 and I have got 19 years of experienced serving in this sector. It has been an exciting journey for me, I worked as a porter to a highly respected guide and consultant from 2004 to 20014. As a porter, I have faces many ups and downs and struggle a lot to became capable leader. After doing such a hard work, I was able to established my own company in 2015. I am glad to run this company forming a team including all my business experience to provide the best possible service for each client. Nepal is a fascinating and diverse country, where just a few miles will take you into a completely different landscape. I enjoy finding new routes so that our clients can have the best possible choice. And I enjoy traveling with them as they discover my country for themselves.

Языки Английский, Hindi, Nepali
Валюты Доллар США (USD), Евро (EUR), Австралийский доллар (AUD), Канадский доллар (CAD), Непальская рупия (NPR)

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