Omar Khan - местный частный тур гид в стране Азербайджан

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I have My Own Travel Company & I Have been working a Tourist Guide for many years.During these years i have provided cultural,historical,entartainment,city or sightseeing,one day o more days tours. I am sertified tour-guide by the Azerbaijan Tourism Assosiation. If you are looking for professional tour- guide who will accompany your private or group tours to all corner of Azerbaijan feel free contact me.

I am absolutely sure that you will enjoy your trip with Me Guaranteed 🤝

Языки Арабский, Azerbaijani, Английский, Panjabi, Punjabi, Urdu
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Private Guide World
13 ЯНВ 2023
In our experience, this local tour guide in Azerbaijan Omar Khan (Alaa al haj ali) is dishonest and unscrupulous in financial matters. When trying to clarify the situation, he completely disappeared. Not recommended!
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