mohamed Gaber - местный частный тур гид в стране Египет

I work primarily in Luxor and Upper Egypt, but i also travel throughout Egypt. I believe that the best sites in Egypt are right here in Luxor, and love to share the history and culture of our country. I enjoy meeting new people but also it is excited for me to connect with Egyptian archeology and connect with civilization , show the real life in Egypt, and share others with our experience. I believe the tour guide isn't a recorder but an excellent tour Guide is like an actor - he sends a message through a way of creation. I can arrange tailor-made trips for groups or individuals based on your own interests and budget. I travel with my guests whenever possible.

✓About Egypt:

Egypt has one of the richest cultural heritage in the world.

The south of Egypt, Upper Egypt, is full of extraordinary archaeological sites: the Valleys of the Kings and Queens in Luxor, the world famous tomb of Tutankhamen and the magnificent Temple of Hatshepsut; fascinating temples of Karnak and Luxor Temple built by Ramses II the Great! Lower Egypt, with Aswan, also has many historical and cultural monuments: Kom Ombo temple , Edfu temples, Philae temple Aswan!

So what are you waiting for? By my side you will enjoy and have an unforgettable tour

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10 АПР 2023
One of the best guides I have ever had ,he is on care of everything in every where in Egypt. We make from aswan to luxor + cairo all the tour with him.He was always in touch with us by WhatsApp and phone ,I really appreciate all he did for us from the beginning to end taking care of all our needs.he came to stay with in some parts of the travel.really I have no words the best,best best guide
Thanks Mohamed we will be back
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