mohamed ahmed - местный частный тур гид в стране Египет

My name is Mohamed, from Egypt, I live in Luxor.

Luxor is a wonderful city, it contains many monuments, many wonderful places and many good hotels for tourists. Luxor has many temples in the east of the Nile and in the west of the Nile, the most famous temples are Karnak Temple, the largest preserved temple from the ancient world, and Luxor Temple and West Nile there are the Colossi of Memnon of King Amenhotep III. Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens and other wonderful places, and there are also flying balloon trips, and there are many museums and other wonderful places.

I hope to meet you in my country Luxor soon and I will be happy to meet you and provide you with the best services and the best prices.

I have been a tour guide since 2015.

A Bachelor of Arts in Archeology Department, then a Diploma in Tourist Guidance

I speak English and Russian

I am glad to meet you in the wonderful city of Luxor.

Языки Arabic, Английский, Russian
Валюты Доллар США (USD), Евро (EUR), Египетский фунт (EGP), Российский рубль (RUB)

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