Joseph Lionceau - местный частный тур гид в странах Конго демократическая республика, Руанда, Уганда

I am a young professional and energetic person with a flexible mind with empathy. I enjoy sharing travel experiences and cultural exchanges with others and learning from them. It's my pleasure to take you around to experience more about Rwanda's wildlife, Culture diversity, and outdoor experience.

I offer an extraordinary experience for your preference in wildlife Tours (such as Birdwatching, Gorilla/ other Primate trekking, Game Drive, as well as Photography), Cultural Trips (including Museums visit, Cultural Villages, Community walk in villages, Tea or Coffee Plantation, local food, and beer taste), Outdoor Tours such as City Tours, Hiking Tours, Biking Tours, Night Fishing, Camping, Beach Tours and other different adventure experiences.

I am a professional tour guide with 6 years of experience in the hospitality and tourism industry since 2016 working in a Hotel as a waiter, later shifted to Tourism Product Development Specialist at The Roots of Nyabingi Heritage Center and then working with a Travel company as Tour Consultant.

I hold a Bachelor's degree in Tourism and Travel Management with different variety of training for front office operation, culinary arts, Congo Nile Trail local guide, Advanced National Local Bird guide, and site Guide at Kivu Belt and Baristar to sharpen my tour guiding career.

Языки Английский, Французский, Kinyarwanda, суахили
Валюты Доллар США (USD), Евро (EUR), Фунт стерлингов (GBP), Франк Руанды (RWF)

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