Brita Safaris - местный частный тур гид в странах Кения, Танзания, Замбия

We are professional tour and travel consultants, personally I can guide in Korean, English, and Swahili all over Kenya and East Africa.

I have been in the industry for over 10 years with fast experience in big five safari quotation in Kenya and Tanzania and guiding, Beach Safari, Mt Kenya, and Kilimanjaro trekking and hiking.

We do ticketing for airlines, buses, and trains. Authentic African Ecitours is our slogan. We believe in ecotourism practices. Our clients experience expectations are met the moment they requested a quotation from our end for it's a passion to put ourselves in the shoes of our client base

Языки Английский, Корейский
Валюты Доллар США (USD), Евро (EUR), Кенийский шиллинг (KES), Фунт стерлингов (GBP), Вона (KRW)

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