Nebojsa Krajnovic - местный частный тур гид в стране Сербия

Welcome! Добро пожаловать!

As a historian by education and investigative journalist, foreign language translator by profession (that's not all!), furthermore as a 'Vata' type (body/psychological constitution type, as defined by the ancient Indian 'Science of life' Ayurveda, meaning, among other, 'curious, who likes to constantly explore/learn/dive in within a new subject), I am glad to host you in our country and eager to share with you knowledge I've obtained of it, during decade-long, professional research and work.

As well as, meeting new people from different cultural/civilizational backgrounds, and sharing experiences with you.

Since recently, I became the founder of a Holistic/Wellness practice, following my, decade-long, interest in holistic approach to life.

Nature has, in more than one way, transformed my life, through various disciplines which use it's laws for keeping us healthy, or healing us if needed, so now, through my practice, I am reflecting this passion of mine on others, thus making a difference in today's World saturated with a lack of knowledge, stress, anxiety, and other negativity.

I will be your true host, distinguished by a profound knowledge of a variety of local characteristics, whether you are interested in the most remarkable tourist spots (vintage parts of the city, medieval fortresses, museums, high education facilities, theaters, parks, monuments, lakes..), splendid local food restaurants, sightseeing by a boat or car, sports/fitness/wellness facilities, or even mountain climbing (as I am a physical activity fan!), choosing and acquiring special/highest quality, local-only, product (not sourced from a tourist tour's selling points, but rather from small manufacturers across the country, for example, beverages, clothes, clean/organic herbal preparations - teas, tinctures, natural cosmetics, essential oils, raw honey, and other.

Our tours can include, our capital Belgrade-only, the rest of Serbia, and/or Balkan countries nearby.

My language skills, when it comes to English and Russian, are advanced, both in spoken and written form.

See you guys!

Увидимся ребята!


Языки English, Russian, Serbian
Валюты Доллар США (USD), Евро (EUR), Сербский динар (RSD)

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