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Welcome to Kenya, welcome to Africa. Kenya is famous for its beautiful parks that are home to wild animals.

In addition, Kenya has a diverse cultural experience, with the famous Masai, Samburu and Turkana being the most visited.

I strive to offer my clients the best possible experience by taking them to less crowded places and parks for a personalised experience.

Most tourists come to Kenya on national park safari to see the animals in their natural habitat.

It is worth allocating 3-7 days for a safari and combining it with a beach holiday.

It is possible to combine tours to Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda by choosing 2 from them or evening all depending on your budget and preferences.

Several reasons to book a tour or safari with us:

- Unlike most travel companies,

who simply resell tours and do not organize anything themselves,

we are a tour operator in Kenya: we book accommodation ourselves, provide transport for safari, draw up a tour program and I aacompany ALL my clients in person. So what I promise is what you get since I am on the ground with you until you finish you safari.

- I have unbeatable prices for accommodation from various camps and lodges, and without middlemen, thus ensuring best prices.

- In most cases, I work without prepayment, or with a minimum prepayment, which is also important. Payment upon arrival.

- Low final cost of a safari tour: with a high quality of service.

- Excellent reviews from numerous tourists who have travelled with me

- I don’t charge clients extra money for language.

-I am a highly experienced tour guide having covered over 1,000,000 kilometres on safari with over 12 years of experience.

Which safari to choose: group or individual:

A group safari is when there are several people in a car, in our groups up to five in a minivan and up to six people in a safari jeep.

As a rule, this is a safari in the Masai Mara, Nakuru, Naivasha and Amboseli parks. Accommodation in group tours I do in hotels of a good average level. Lodges and campsites with excellent value for money.

The average cost of a group safari is $200 per day per person. The cost of a 5-day safari in the most popular national parks of Kenya is $1000-1250 per person. Depends on the season, transport, accommodation and the number of people in the group.

If you choose an individual safari, then the car will be completely at your disposal. On the plus side: you can choose any route, not only the most famous and popular national parks, and you are in full control of your time. This option is, of course, a bit more expensive.

Transport on safari:

A great option is a safari minivan with a folding roof. Comfortable accommodation for up to six people, but in any case, my groups have a maximum of five people.

Another option is a safari jeep also with a folding roof. The potency of the latter is better, but the cost is higher.

The safari jeep comfortably accommodates up to six people.

A regular safari minivan is more than adequate for most safaris.

What is included in the safari price?

The cost of the safari includes transport with a professional guide, accommodation in the places indicated in the program, three meals a day, water in the car, entrance fee to national parks.

The price of the safari includes everything except tips, alcoholic drinks and juices.

What animals can be seen on a safari?

In different parks in different ways: in Masai Mare there are many cats,

there are a lot of elephants in Amboseli and Tsavo East, in Nakuru you will see rhinos, floating on Lake Naivasha on a boat, watch hippos. The number of animals seen per day depends on the season, the skill of the driver-guide and, of course, on luck!

We draw up a safari program together with tourists, focusing on the season, the number of days, the budget, and the interests of our guests.

Everything is always individual, the main thing is that you want to return to Africa again!

See you Soon in Mama Africa!

Willkommen in Kenia, willkommen in Afrika. Kenia ist berühmt für seine wunderschönen Parks, in denen wilde Tiere leben.

Darüber hinaus hat Kenia ein vielfältiges kulturelles Erlebnis, wobei die berühmten Massai, Samburu und Turkana die meistbesuchten sind.

Ich bemühe mich, meinen Kunden das bestmögliche Erlebnis zu bieten, indem ich sie für ein persönliches Erlebnis an weniger überfüllte Orte und Parks bringe. Treffen wir uns in Afrika! Hakuna Matata!

Bienvenue au Kenya, bienvenue en Afrique. Le Kenya est célèbre pour ses magnifiques parcs qui abritent des animaux sauvages.

De plus, le Kenya a une expérience culturelle diversifiée, les célèbres Masai, Samburu et Turkana étant les plus visités.

Je m'efforce d'offrir à mes clients la meilleure expérience possible en les emmenant dans des endroits et des parcs moins fréquentés pour une expérience personnalisée. Rencontrons-nous en Afrique ! Hakuna Matata!

Benvenuti in Kenya, benvenuti in Africa. Il Kenya è famoso per i suoi splendidi parchi che ospitano animali selvatici.

Inoltre, il Kenya ha un'esperienza culturale diversificata, con i famosi Masai, Samburu e Turkana che sono i più visitati.

Mi sforzo di offrire ai miei clienti la migliore esperienza possibile portandoli in luoghi e parchi meno affollati per un'esperienza personalizzata. Incontriamoci in Africa! Senza pensieri!

Bienvenido a Kenia, bienvenido a África. Kenia es famosa por sus hermosos parques que albergan animales salvajes.

Además, Kenia tiene una experiencia cultural diversa, siendo los famosos Masai, Samburu y Turkana los más visitados.

Me esfuerzo por ofrecer a mis clientes la mejor experiencia posible llevándolos a lugares y parques menos concurridos para una experiencia personalizada. ¡Encontrémonos en África! ¡Hakuna Matata!

Добро пожаловать в Кению, добро пожаловать в Африку. Кения славится прекрасными парками, в которых обитают дикие животные.

Кроме того, Кения имеет разнообразный культурный опыт, наиболее посещаемыми являются знаменитые масаи, самбуру и туркана.

Я стремлюсь предложить своим клиентам наилучшие впечатления, отвозя их в менее людные места и парки для индивидуального опыта. Давай встретимся в Африке! Хакуна Матата!

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