Samir Behbudov - местный частный тур гид в стране Азербайджан

Embark on an extraordinary journey to Baku with Samir Behbudov, a seasoned journalist and experienced travel guide. Discover the captivating beauty of this country as we explore its hidden treasures together. Immerse yourself in the joy of travel while I capture stunning professional photos that will forever encapsulate the essence of your unforgettable experience.

When I think about the perfect tour in Baku, here's how I'd describe it: First, you'll explore the historic Old City, navigating its narrow winding streets, visiting the iconic Maiden Tower, and immersing yourself in the city's rich history.

Then, you'll head to the Flame Towers, Baku's modern symbol, where you can witness their captivating light displays and capture these moments as a professional photographer.

A visit to the Heydar Aliyev Center is a must; this contemporary architectural masterpiece hosts various exhibitions showcasing Azerbaijani culture and art. It's an excellent opportunity to document compelling stories through photographs.

It is essential to sample local cuisine at a traditional Azerbaijani restaurant. Try dishes like pilaf, dolma, and kebabs while enjoying live music, and you will have a delightful evening.

Don't forget to stroll along the Caspian Sea Boulevard, capturing breathtaking waterfront views, and explore Azerbaijan's famous carpet-making heritage at the Carpet Museum.

Lastly, you can wrap up your day at the Baku Ferris Wheel, known as the Baku Eye, to savor panoramic city views and immortalize unforgettable memories of your Baku tour.

Языки Azerbaijani, Английский, персидский, Tурецкий

Отзывы Туристов (1)

Abhi Br
16 МАЙ 2023
Samir is a very polite and friendly guy. He showed me some nice tourist places in Baku and clicked professional photographs..
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