David Mason - местный частный тур гид в стране Южная Корея

My main passion remains continuous discovery of the beautiful Korean mountains, and the spirituality going on in them -- and showing and explaining the best of Korea's assets & history to others!

I truly enjoy living here, and people respond that the enthusiasm shows and is infectious.

I am a native midwestern American citizen who has lived in South Korea since 1982, exploring it myself, leading tours, working in its tourism field and writing about its history & culture. For jobs, I have mostly served as a Professor of Korean Cultural Tourism at leading universities in Seoul.

Having guided more than 700 tours in Seoul and the rest of Korea, for an astonishing variety of people, I think that I know pretty well how to create excellent memorable experiences for whatever your particular interests are. Especially if you're looking for deep learning-experience of cultural, spiritual, religious and historical sites/events, I'm your guy!

I'd be glad to show you around for a half-day (3-4 hrs), or a full day, or several days. Anything you need is possible, from just 1 hour at a nearby temple to overnight expeditions in wonderful areas outside of Seoul. Meals at great Korean restaurants can be included before or after the walk, or a visit to a charming traditional tea-house. I can pick you up at your hotel or meet you at an easy designated place, and we'll go from there, until you're satisfied and safely back.

From 2001 I worked for the national Ministry of Culture and Tourism in various positions as a Tourism Marketing and New Programs Consultant for five years, gaining a lot of valuable knowledge and experience. I was an adviser to the authorities on cultural tourism for the 2002 Korea/Japan World Cup and the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

I helped to design and launch the famous "Buddhist TempleStay" program. We can do one of those together if you like -- half-day, 24 hrs or 48 hrs. Or simply visit one of the best temples to see and learn about its artworks, views and history.

I earned a Masters' Degree in the History of Korean Religions from Yonsei University in 1997. This led to my career as a teacher, speaker, writer and guide on the religious character of Korea's mountains, which goes ever-onward.

I have published ten books on Korean culture and tourism, including the 1996 edition of the Lonely Planet KOREA guidebook. The most-famous of my books was "Spirit of the Mountains" (1999) about Korea's deep and varied traditions of veneration of mountains. My 9th in 2014 was the 600-page English Encyclopedia of Korean Buddhism, and my 10th in 2016 was a biography of Korea's greatest ancient Sage.

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