Erfan Qodrati - местный частный тур гид в стране Иран

Good personality, integrity, honesty and love working in tourism field

Ability to work with a team and good performance

Understanding about Iran law, environmental law and tourism law

Good knowledge about culture, nature and tourist sites in many different cities

Experience self-development and flexibility

So patient with people and understanding them

I have been a tour guide since 2007

I am fully familiar with roads, cities and tourist attractions

I have made many friends in America, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and many countries of the world. I am ready to find my new friends😊

Ability to travel long distance by car

Good and safe driving skills

I have a comfortable, reliable, big space and safe car, with which I take tourists to all parts of Iran

It is perfect for our roads.

The car is also included to my services. Free in charge 😀

Языки Английский, Персидский
Валюты Доллар США (USD), Евро (EUR)

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