Emmanuel M Minja - местный частный тур гид в стране Танзания

I as a Founder and Owner of Marvel African Wildlife Expeditions & Safaris; I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all adventures enthusiastic to experience and explore nature with us while striving to protect the bounty of Tanzania.

Tanzania is the majestic home of the roof of Africa Mount Kilimanjaro Uhuru Peak 5,895m and paradise Island of Zanzibar for beach holidays and relaxes at the coastline without forgetting its magnificent culture.

So whether you are looking for a game viewing around Serengeti plains, descent to Ngorongoro Crater, walking safaris to Ngorongoro Highlands, walking safaris in Selous, boat safari, hot-air balloon safari, beach holidays or climbs to snow capped Mount Kilimanjaro Uhuru Peak 5,895m, please inform us your interests and requirements, we will be pleased to come out with an adventure trip which will fit and suit your interests and preferences.

Our safaris and itineraries are very well selected, tested, customized, and tailor – made to fit our clientele requirements.

Our Mountains and National Parks are now accessible with Marvel African Wildlife Expeditions & Safaris; whether you are looking for something different please inform us as we are able to formulate and discover for you. We love what we do; adventure is our passion that is why we have recognized from the very being and develop a career in this industry.

Unbelievable, our prices are the best in the market, no one can bit us, and we add a slight value to your money to make your adventure trips successfully and memorable one throughout your life.

We have selected our market very well through price differentiation by dealing with middle income earners who we believe are the majority but with assurance of quality services which the big companies cannot afford. Kindly try our services for memorable adventure and you will never regret.

We do not compromised to quality services; rather we do whatever possible to make sure our services are of quality with affordable and competitive price possible. We deliver what we have promised to our clients at a timing manner and make sure we excel our customers’ expectations knowing that our customers are the greatest assets for our organization growth.

Moreover, our sophisticated management with in depth knowledge, experience and young energetic Tanzanians is an advantage to our competitors. We make our goals come true through walk an extra mile to suit our customers. Most of us have worked as Manager, Mountain Guides, Chefs and trainers before found Marvel African Wildlife Expeditions & Safaris which gave as a competitive advantage to our rivals.

The philosophy and culture of Marvel African Wildlife Expeditions & Safaris is to provide safer, affordable journey and make sure we enrich the local economy through employing Tanzanians citizens and contribute to economic development to the community around us; that is why we have come together with the intention of promoting Tanzania tourism around the world.

We believe through this there will be economic benefits to our government whom is always supporting local own enterprises to develop as our trust is that if young Tanzanians are given opportunity there will be innovation and jobs creation if at all our government see there is a need.

Also we strive from time to time to make sure the environment is protected while undertaking company activities by abiding to government regulations and policies through avoiding environmental pollution and land degradation.

The Government regulations and rules are very clear as entailed by Tanzania National Park Authority, through making sure we brief as detailed as possible to our customers and staff in order to protect our wildlife, flora and fauna and nature and continue to enhance the bounty of Tanzania worldwide.

Tourism is a sustainable business which is a promising niche industry, need an exploration and from time to time will attracts lots of investments; so there is a need to respect and protect the industry as any other industries if at all the economy of Tanzania has to be given an opportunity to grow.

Lastly but not least, let me take this opportunity to welcoming and thanking you all who are planning to visit Tanzania in the near future and choose the services of Marvel African Expeditions & Safaris. We promised that, we will strive to be of services to you and make your adventure trip to Africa and in particular Tanzania is unforgettable and memorable one throughout your life.

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