Terekbe Mersha - местный частный тур гид в стране Эфиопия

Terekbe mersha is local private tour guide located in the cities of Lalibela and the surrounding. But also organising tours for groups and individuals. I am licensed escort guide to other places too I offer photography tours,

adventure, historical, educational tours pilgrimage tours and archaeological tours, geological tours.

Many years of experience taught me how to handle and care about my tourists and knowing their interests. I have long and irrevocably in love with Lalibela and our picturesque places like the castle of Gonder lake Tana monasteries, an obelisks of Axum, yeha temple,tigray rocks hewn Churchs and Denakil depression.

I am well attached with nature this leads me to organize walking and hiking tours to Highlands of Ethiopia.

Like semin mountains national park and abune yosef conservation area. I give priority for tourists who want be attached with local community, volunteers to creat travel sustainable and community based tourism. I am strongly working hard day and night for my guests their tour to be enjoyable and memorable.

I am fascinating and passionate with my work because I meet many people different parts of the world; so it is not only for business but also sharing experience, knowledge , knowing the world

My motto all human beings must give care for our planet and the element who exists in our planet.

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